TERROR And HIGHER POWER Brand New Exclusive Tracks Streaming At Clrvynt; The Extermination Vol. 3 LP Preorders Posted Via Flatspot Records


As Flatspot Records prepares The Extermination Vol. 3 compilation LP for release in November, two of the most anticipated tracks of the record come hurtling forth as Clrvynt issues the exclusive songs from TERROR and HIGHER POWER.

Los Angeles-based TERROR needs no introduction. With six full-length albums and a plethora of splits and EPs released through such labels as Trustkill, Victory, Reaper, Century Media, and more since their 2002 inception, and having toured virtually the entire planet, the band is undeniably one of the leading acts in the current worldwide hardcore scene. The Extermination Vol. 3 leads off with TERROR‘s brutalizing “Other Worlds,” which surges with the monolithic metallic fury the band is notorious for, and sees lead vocalist Scott Vogel joined for a brief guest vocal spot by Mad Joe Black from WISDOM IN CHAINS.

Leeds, UK-based HIGHER POWER is a young act that is rapidly becoming a household name to fans around the world. Their energetic output has been captured on a solid line of EPs since their very recent 2015 inception, their debut LP coming together for release in 2017. The band has toured the US with Angel Du$t, has endured several tours of Europe, and more. Boasting a groove-heavy NYHC vibe and a standout vocal style, the band’s “World Gone Mad” appears on The Extermination Vol. 3.

Clrvynt is exclusively streaming TERROR’s Other Worlds” and HIGHER POWER’s “World Gone Mad” only at THIS LOCATION.

The Extermination Vol. 3 will see release through Flatspot Records on 12″ vinyl LP and digital platforms, as well as a limited cassette run on November 11th, 2016. Alongside the exclusive lead premieres from the comp, preorders have gone live. Check out the options RIGHT HERE.

Flatspot Records takes pride in their scene by releasing the bi-annual The Extermination titles, the series showcasing some of the new-blood in the hardcore/punk world, along with established bands that have been proudly carrying to the torch. Past editions have featured bands such as TURNSTILE, ANGEL DU$t, POWER TRIP, BACKTRACK, and KING NINE, among many others. This series is a homage to classic hardcore compilations such as Where The Wild Things Are, The Way It Is, Free For All, and others, where listeners discovered influential bands that still have an impact on our scene today.

The third installment in this ongoing series bears another intense collection of new tracks from some of the leading acts of the current scene. The Extermination Compilation Vol. 3 features nine brand new tracks that are entirely exclusive to this compilation only. Represented on the collection are four bands from the West Coast US, including TERROR, TAKE OFFENSE, PIECE BY PIECE, and DISGRACE, East Coast US acts FRIEND OR FOE, MANIPULATE, COUNTDOWN, and D.C. DISORDER, as well as a song from UK-based HIGHER POWER.