TELOCH VOVIN To Reap Souls At NYDM Annual Fest This Weekend; Debut EP Now Playing

The bizarre and malevolent primal underground NYC hate cult known as TELOCH VOVIN will take part in the 2013 NYDM Annual festival this weekend in Long Island. One of two dozen acts set to storm the unruly masses at the massive four-day massacre this Thursday, August 15th through Sunday the 18th, TELOCH VOVIN is set to perform Friday night, followed by Evoken and Black Anvil. Blood Feast, Prime Evil, Mausoleum, Deceased, Embalmer, Radiation Sickness and Engorge are just a few of the additional bands set to play during the gathering.

Following the NYDM Annual, TELOCH VOVIN will revisit Brooklyn’s detrimental metal/spirits bunker Saint Vitus Bar taking part in the Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale with Forced, Coffin Birth, Negative Plane and the mighty Black Witchery on August 31st.

Tonight we’re bringing TELOCH VOVIN‘s ritualistic hate to the public forefront; stream “I” from cradle to grave below…

TELOCH VOVIN Live Rituals:
8/15-18/2013 Red River Inn – Yaphank, NY w/ Evoken, Blood Feast, Prime Evil, Mausoleum, Deceased, Black Anvil, Embalmer, more [info]
8/31/2013 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Black Witchery, Negative Plane, Coffin Birth [info]

Culminated from various wastelands in the New York City region, harbingers TELOCH VOVIN have unleashed the faction’s debut recordings in the form of “I, a collection of off-kilter hymns summoned in an organic and spontaneous environment, surging with thirty-five minutes of low-fi, dispirited blackened filth as simultaneously bizarre and unhinged as it is triumphantly iniquitous. TELOCH VOVIN‘s jagged, high-speed buzzsaw riffing and vomitous dual-vocalist attack clashes with doom-laden slow-motion dirges infused with bells, electronics and other soundmanglings, the tone giving one the feeling these warriors’ amps are literally about to explode in an electrical inferno, the anomalous ring of bells chiming through the melee. With influences of Gorgorth, Funeral Mist, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Bathory coalescing into something devotees of Furze, Peste Noire, Striborg, Leviathan and the like will flock to, this sect freakishly travels its own path. “I” has been made available in a limited run of 333 copies, hand-numbered and baptized in sacrificial blood.