TELOCH VOVIN: “Psalms Ov Khaos – Tenebris Est In Sanguinem” Released Today For Autumnal Equinox

Teloch Vovin [photo by Guevara Cerridwen][photo by Guevara Cerridwen]

TELOCH VOVIN presents “Psalms Ov Khaos – Tenebris Est In Sanguinem” – the eighth single in the band’s ongoing Psalms Ov Khaos series – releasing the new single today for the Autumnal Equinox.

Of the newest movement, TELOCH VOVIN offers, “‘Tenebris Est In Sanguinem’ is a voyage through that which is in us all: blood… and darkness. The one – critical in all of us. The other – inherent in all of us. Here they are presented inseparable to one another. The exploration of this path may lead you to places you have never known… but have always been there within you.”

TELOCH VOVIN’s “Psalms Of Chaos VII – Tenebris Est In Sanguinem” will be unveiled on the Autumnal Equinox — today at 4:02pm EDT – at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

The ninth installment of Psalms Ov Khaos will arrive on the Winter Solstice, December 21st.

TELOCH VOVIN‘s next live Harvest Rite will be at The Nightside Of Eden in Brooklyn on October 7th. While Acheron and Kult Ov Azazel have been forced to cancel their participation in the festival due to events caused by Hurricane Irma, performances from T.O.M.B., Gnaw, Wormreich, Throaat, and many more are confirmed to play.

10/07/2017 Paper Box – Brooklyn, NY @ The Nightside Of Eden w/ T.O.M.B., GNAW, more [info]

New York City-based cult TELOCH VOVIN initiated the Psalms Ov Khaos series on the 2015 Winter Solstice, having released a new song in the sequence on each changing of the seasons since. The intent of the series is to shed further Black Light upon the electronic and ambient instrumentation and ritualistic elements of the band’s primal, occult black metal attack. The Psalms Ov Khaos series will continue, with new tracks being issued on the current quarterly seasonal shift schedule throughout the coming months until all eleven individual Psalms are released. This is when TELOCH VOVIN will amass the works onto a physical package, which will include individual pieces of art work for each Psalm for a disorientating dance with divine madness.

Psalm ov Khaos VIII--Tenebris Est In Sanguinem art