TELOCH VOVIN: NYC Occult Metal Collective To Release Further Down The Tunnel EP On The 2015 Fall Equinox

TelochVovin2 [photo by Mystra][photo by Mystra]

NYC-based occult metal coven, TELOCH VOVIN, will unleash the next chapter in their recorded lineage with the rapturous tones of their Further Down The Tunnel EP on 2015 Fall Equinox.

The cryptic works of the TELOCH VOVIN sect have amassed a respectable and diehard legion of devotees for the cult over the past three years, regionally via notable live performances throughout the greater New York City area and internationally through their independently-released I rehearsal promo CD in 2013, and last year’s Atah Gebur Le-Olam Sathanas limited edition live CDR. Unloading a Khaotic disease ridden, occult-based, black/death metal attack infiltrated with ceremonial bells, chimes and unorthodox instrumentation amidst layered vocal insanity, the band’s on-stage Rituals include candlelight altars, sacrificial bones and blood, and an ablaze atmosphere of pure death. Lyrically, the outfit delves further into the abyssal unknown than a great majority of their peers, with an incredibly devoted intensity to their craft.

The first day of Autumn will see the delivery of TELOCH VOVIN‘s latest works, with the release of their Further Down The Tunnel EP. With a more clarified delivery than the band’s prior recordings, the five tracks presented here were engineered, mixed and mastered by Jos-Sothoth, the passages of the new record show the band honing their craft with more slickly-deployed proficiency, yet still retaining the demoralizing, unchained bombast one would expect from this unit. With nearly a half-hour of tormented disharmony, the EP takes the listener one step further from the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, deepening the souls fall into Khaos.

Teloch Vovin Cover

Further Down The Tunnel Track Listing:
1. The Shadows Of Kadath
2. Thaumiel
3. Vena Cava
4. Breathe Deep…Asphixiation Of The Human Con…
5. Adoration/Vexation

TELOCH VOVIN will independently release Further Down The Tunnel digitally and on CD on September 23rd, which will be followed shortly thereafter by several other new recordings which show even more expansion in the band’s lyrical and musical vision. Stand by for audio samples and much more to infest the planet in the coming weeks.

Following an absence of shows since last year, TELOCH VOVIN will also return to the stage in support of their new works. Already confirmed is an appearance at the first day of the Rage Of Armageddon Fest at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn alongside Broken Hope, Embalmer and more, with additional live Rituals to be announced.

10/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY @ Rage Of Armageddon Fest w/ Broken Hope, Embalmer

In the beginning was AIN, the eternal state of singularity. Timeless, limitless, it is both light and darkness in one, consciousness and unconsciousness at once. Parallels can be drawn to our Higher Self as AIN. Within AIN a desire to be Self-Aware was born, though nothing outside of AIN existed, nothing for AIN to reflect itself in.

This aspect of AIN wanted to create a world in which it could reflect, called she-yesh bo mahshavah and is the right-handed Emanation or Right Light. The other side, She-ein bo mahshavah, wanted to remain in itself and opposed the plan of Creation. The True Adversary was being born, the Left-handed Emanation or Left Light.

The Right Emanation separated from the Left Emanation and a Void/Abyss was created. The Right Light created the Universe, being manifest through mathematical/geometrical structures, it becomes the Objective Universe, everything which is material and is held in place by the Laws of Physics.

Those on the Right hand path perceive this as the only True light, they call this light,”God”. The Right Light creates by separating itself from the Left Light and from the singularity (AIN).

The Shadows of the RHE is the LHE, the anti-Creation. They are called the Qliphoth, they reside in the Sitra Ahra (the other side). They oppose the plan of Creation by bringing Individuality and Self-Awareness to us. When the Individual parts of Creation gain Self-Awareness, the Right Light is prevented from seeing only itself in its creation.

When these parts of Creation become Self-Aware they can separate themselves from the creator and begin individual acts of creation, they become separate from the Objective Universe (“God”) and now have the possibility to become a God.

This is the aim of the Works of TELOCH VOVIN.