TELOCH VOVIN: No Clean Singing Issues “Adoration/Vexation” From Further Down The Tunnel EP By NYC Occult Black Metal Sect

Teloch Vovin Live Ritual 6.21.13 [photo by Mystra]

As New York City-based occult black metal collective, TELOCH VOVIN, prepares to release their Further Down The Tunnel EP on 2015 Fall Equinox, the first public foretaste of the grisly recording has been made available early, with both audio and video versions of the track “Adoration/Vexation” premiered through No Clean Singing.

TELOCH VOVIN‘s latest release, Further Down The Tunnel sees the outfit’s cruel tones delivered with more searing clarity than ever, showing the band honing their craft while retaining the Khaotic unchained maliciousness one would expect from the band through five tracks engineered, mixed and mastered by Jos-Sothoth. With nearly a half-hour of tormented disharmony, the EP takes the listener one step further from the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and deepening the souls fall into Khaos. The maiden single to be issued from the record comes with the closing track, “Adoration/Vexation,” which features some of the most intense moments of the EP, and includes guest vocals by Paul Delaney of Black Anvil.

“Adoration/Vexation” is spat forth through the underground metal loyalists at No Clean singing in both audio and video formats, the site issuing, “The first part of the song is mid-paced, with rolling tremolo chords expressing a melancholy melody that does indeed reflect an atmosphere of worship – though the multitude of savage voices that erupt over the music come across not as solemn, but as explosively ferocious. You’ll have no trouble detecting when the song segues into the second half of the duality – the band start to thrash and slash at high speed, spewing unrestrained destruction, still accompanied by those thoroughly unhinged shrieks, growls, and roars, but now with the addition of clean vocals that give the song a ritualistic aura.”

Endure the wrath of TELOCH VOVIN’s “Adoration/Vexation” via No Clean Singing at THIS LOCATION.

TELOCH VOVIN will independently issue Further Down The Tunnel digitally and on CD on the first day of Fall, September 23rd. Preorders for the CD and other merch including two patch designs, a t-shirt design, a few remaining physical copies of the band’s I and Atah Gebur Le-Olam Sathanas live CDR releases as well as a limited number of Red (Lilith) and Black (Samael) ritual candles are available HERE and digital preorders available HERE.

Following an absence of shows since last year, TELOCH VOVIN will also return to the stage in support of their new works. Already confirmed is an appearance at the first day of the Rage Of Armageddon Fest at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn alongside Broken Hope, Embalmer and more, with additional live Rituals to be announced.

10/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY @ Rage Of Armageddon Fest w/ Broken Hope, Embalmer

The cryptic works of the TELOCH VOVIN coven have amassed a respectable and diehard legion of devotees for the cult over the past three years, regionally via notable live performances throughout the greater New York City area and internationally through their independently-released I rehearsal promo CD in 2013, and last year’s Atah Gebur Le-Olam Sathanas limited edition live CDR. Unloading a Khaotic disease ridden, occult-based, black/death metal attack infiltrated with ceremonial bells, chimes and unorthodox instrumentation amidst layered vocal insanity, the band’s on-stage rituals include candlelight altars, sacrificial bones and ritual blood, and ablaze with an atmosphere of pure death worship. Lyrically, the outfit delves further into the abyssal unknown than a great majority of their peers, with an incredibly devoted intensity to their craft based upon the rites and rituals of the temple surrounding the band.

Teloch Vovin Cover