TELOCH VOVIN: Decibel Magazine Premieres Epic “Dragon Sworn” Track From NYC Black Metal Octet; Split Album With VISERION, The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga, Nears Late July Release

Decibel Magazine is hosting an advance stream of “Dragon Sworn,” the massive new song from New York black metal octet TELOCH VOVIN. The song advances the band’s split album with fellow NYC black metal act VISERION, nearing release at the end of July.

Under the banner of Elohim Acherim, TELOCH VOVIN’s material for The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga was produced by Grigori, engineered/recorded/mixed by Antonio (Ash) Padilla, and mastered by Mike Usifer at Aural Assault Studio. VISERION’s Embrace The Void tracks were recorded at Level Up Recording Studios by David Melendez, with guest vocals on “Abandoned” by Xenomorph, except for “Fathers” which was recorded at 2525 Studios, produced by Gil Vives and Janan Kerry and featuring guest vocals by Kerry. The cover art and layout for The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga were handled by Elena Vasilaki with additional art by CryforDeath666.

TELOCH VOVIN’s massive “Dragon Sworn” is over ten-and-a-half-minutes long, with some of the most epic attributes in their catalog. The band offers, “‘Dragon Sworn’ is one of our most expansive ov tracks in both the songwriting/arrangement department and in the guitar work. 90% of the song’s riffs and melodies are written using the Persian Scale; the arrangement of the song itself is more likened to that of a classical symphonic piece. Large sections of the song are arranged for three guitars, giving the track a deep and strong yet otherworldly feel. ‘Dragon Sworn’ contains some of TELOCH VOVIN’s most melodic guitar parts to date, yet these melodies are a reminder that there is no problem with melody, only wimps who misuse them.

“Other noteworthy sections of this song are the 44-member group vocals performed by the Dragon’s Choir, recorded around a raging bonfire at midnight, outside at the Infamous Omega House in Riverhead Long Island after TELOCH VOVIN’s performance with Black Moriah and Nunslaughter, as well as the Bach-inspired guitar melody and orchestral-like drumming of the song’s epic conclusion.”

With the song’s premiere, Decibel writes, “Gather ’round the fire, friends. You’re in for a fiery and epic black metal performance… The band’s intricate and violent take on black metal is on full display on this track, with the spiraling guitar work being especially impressive. But fear not, the progressive and cinematic composition does nothing to dull the music’s razor-sharp edge.”

Stream TELOCH VOVIN’s “Dragon Sworn” first through Decibel Magazine now at THIS LOCATION.

The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga will be released on CD and digitally on July 28th. Find preorders where TELOCH VOVIN’s “An Eastern Temple” and VISERION’s “Reborn In Darkness” are streaming at Bandcamp HERE and HERE.

A Brooklyn record release party for the split has also been confirmed, set to take place on the day of the record’s release, July 28th. Watch for additional details on the event will be posted alongside additional audio previews, videos, and more.

7/28/2023 Duff’s – Brooklyn, NY

TELOCH VOVIN by Mousie Dixon

Long Island/New York City-based TELOCH VOVIN is a conceptual work expressing the worship and ritual workings with the Forces ov Khaos, Entropy, and Death. TELOCH VOVIN is Enochian: Teloch translates as “Death” and Vovin translates as “Dragon” and is a reference to Samael “The Dragon ov Death” known in his fiery, destructive aspect as Satan. The band was formed by Grigori in the early 2010s, its early lineup having self-released five titles while sharing the stage with Black Witchery, Negative Plane, Grave Gnosis, Kult Ov Azazl, Mortician, Shining, Black Anvil, Behexen, and Hobb’s Angel Or Death, amongst others, building a rabid fan base.

Reforged within the fiery depths, with several lineup changes and additions, TELOCH VOVIN returned in 2020, thriving through the pandemic, performing successful live streams with Blood Feast, Sickbay, and Malignancy, while releasing a series of self-produced tracks via Bandcamp. The Elohim Acherim material for their contributions to The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga showcases the band combining black metal with elements of traditional, death, and doom metal, as well as classical and ambient/electronic influences, intertwined with occult practices that are the backdrop of TELOCH VOVIN, delivering a listening experience that is raw and violent while simultaneously captivating and hypnotic.

VISERION by Rebecca Paige

Based out of Queens, New York City, VISERION takes raw black metal and metamorphoses these elements with a chaotic fury of extreme influences. Death, grindcore, and progressive dynamics bleed through their caustic compositions entwining a tortuous aura across the music. They are unafraid to descend into the blackened depths and showcase the horrors within. The band emerged in 2019, taking their name from the Game Of Thrones undead ice dragon. This extreme metal act made an impact on the scene with their ruthless sound, notably having performed at the legendary Saint Vitus Bar and more. Drawing influences from Darkthrone, Watain, Agalloch, Harakiri For The Sky, among others, the ensemble crafts a distinctive cross-genre twist.

January of 2020 saw the unveiling of the quartet’s savage debut, the Death Dealer EP, followed swiftly by the acclaimed full-length Natural Selection in 2021. Feeding on the dark outpourings from the void below, VISERION delivers banshee shrieks and demonic gutturals against a nightmarish backdrop. Cleverly conveying the darkness from varying perspectives, the group reveal monstrous realms with dissonant clashes. Cutting through with a sharp edge, raging percussion and frantic guitars power through at a blistering pace. Exploring a different route, VISERION also ventures into eerie atmospheres and manifest bleak soundscapes to conjure up a place of vast nothingness. With recent lineup changes marking a new chapter, the band presents Embrace The Void, their contributions to The Iron Age Of Kali Yuga.