SYK: New Noise Magazine Premieres “Pyramiden Pt. II” Playthrough Video; Pyramiden Full-Length Out Now On Housecore Records

Photo by Digital Tusk

Italian metal outfit SYK is pleased to unveil their latest playthrough video for “Pyramiden Pt. II.” Now playing at New Noise Magazine, the track comes by way of their staggering new full-length Pyramiden, released earlier this year via Housecore Records.

SYK features founding guitarist and principal songwriter Stefano Ferrian (ex-Psychofagist), vocalist Dalila Kayros, rhythm/lead guitarist Marcello Cravini, and drummer Mauro Maraldo (ex-Onirik). Led by the nihilistic vocal assault of Kayros, SYK is at once grim and complex; relentless and alluring, fusing tight, technical rhythms with chilling melodies, and a dark sonic ambiance.

Comments Ferrian, “We are very happy to share the official ‘Pyramiden Pt. II’ playthrough. I think it is one of the most intense songs of the new album both emotionally and sonically. We can’t wait to be back on stage again to support the new release.”

View “Pyramiden Pt. II” at New Noise Magazine RIGHT HERE.

View SYK’s previously released video for “The Hollow Mother” HERE and the record’s title track HERE.  

Pyramiden is out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats. Find ordering options at the Housecore Records store HERE, Bandcamp HERE, and all digital providers HERE.

SYK has been scorching ears for nearly a decade. Following their debut LP Atoma (2014), the band released I-Optikon on Housecore Records (2016). Produced by Philip H. Anselmo, I-Optikon reaped critical accolades from fans and critics in the know. Lauded New Noise Magazine, “We just haven’t heard anything even remotely like this before – and I don’t think we’re going to forget it anytime soon.” Echoing Magazine championed, “Female vocals that carry a yell like Exene Cervenka, as done with the same power as Henry Rollins,” while Skulls ‘N’ Bones likened the listen to, “… a trip through the empty, shattered halls of someone’s emotional insane asylum,” adding, “it’s music to swallow glass by.”

And with 2022 comes the band’s third full-length Pyramiden. Composed and recorded over the course of three years, the seven-track offering was mixed in the Winter of 2020/2021 at Inverno Studios under the supervision of Fabrizio Gesuato, while mastering took place at Anselmo’s own Nodferatu’s Lair with Stephen Berrigan at the helm. The record features artwork by Elena Romenkova.

“…the band blends an alternative-rock vocal style with the sonic power of death metal and black metal, channeled through and djenty guitar tones. It’s a blend all the band’s own…” — Decibel Magazine on “Hollow Mother”

“They’re one of the most unique bands I’ve heard in a long time. On Pyramiden they combine djent, blackened metal, and groove metal with an almost Bjork-like vocal. It’s an album that kept be guessing on first listen, then had me coming back immediately.” — Metal injection

“If you take a heavy dose of Jinjer and Meshuggah and a pinch of Watchtower you might be close musically. To get the full effect, Bjork needs to go in as well, before a good old stir. Even then there is a secret ingredient that I cannot identify. The result is brutal and intriguing without being overly discordant.— The Prog Space 

Dalila Kayros – vocals/synths
Stefano Ferrian – guitar
Marcello Cravini – guitar
Mauro Maraldo – drums
Marco Mastrobuono – guest bass