SVNTH: No Clean Singing Premieres New Track From Italian Post-Black Metal Unit; Spring In Blue To See Release Next Month Via Transcending Records + Preorders Available

Photo by Void Revelations

“It’s an emotional powerhouse of a song, and one that may leave you shaking yourself to regain a sense of your own time and place…” – No Clean Singing

No Clean Singing is currently streaming “Erasing Gods’ Towers” from Italian post-black metal unit SVNTH. The track comes off the band’s third full-length, Spring In Blue, set for release August 28th via Transcending Records.

Writes No Clean Singing in part, “Rather than try to list the stylistic ingredients in this new song we’ll instead try to preview the gradually accreting sensations over its significant length. The music seems to wail and mournfully murmur like spirits who have lost their way in a shimmering desert world. Those lonesome laments unfold into a momentum of neck-snapping beats, raking chords, and high, harrowing shrieks. The sense of bewildering grief flows through in rippling arpeggios and intensifies through anguish into despair as the drumming begins hammering and the guitars sear in boiling waves…”

Read more and stream “Erasing Gods’ Towers,” now playing at No Clean Singing, at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for “Wings Of The Ark” below.

Captured by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves (Dysrhythmia, Behold… The Arctopus, Cleric) in Queens, New York, SVNTH‘s Spring In Blue delivers six tracks that far transcend the band’s previous efforts. Fusing atmospheric black metal eruptions with the more solid structured roots of ’70s class rock and ’90s shoegaze, Spring In Blue is a soundtrack to one’s deepest emotions. An analysis of human existence, the record explores themes of childhood loss and weathering situations far bigger than ourselves. Elaborates bassist/vocalist Rodolfo Ciuffo, “Spring In Blue has been recorded live in studio and even in terms of sound, it shows a more organic and solid production, mixing ecstatic heavy and fast sections with tragic and melancholic slow moments. It is the perfect musical accompaniment for a concept that explores themes such as death, existential philosophy, and modern technology’s consequences on man.”

Spring In Blue will be released on CD and digitally via Transcending Records. For physical preorders go to THIS LOCATION. Digital orders will be available in the coming weeks.

Forged in 2006, Rome, Italy’s SVNTH – or Seventh Genocide, a name based on a comparison between the extreme exploitation of human resources in modern capitalism and a genocide toward man and nature – has been shaping a unique equilibrium of sounds through the years, forever moving, forever experimenting. The band released their debut full-length, Breeze Of Memories, in 2015. A heavily blackgaze inspired affair, the record reaped the accolades of fans and critics alike. Toward Akina arrived in 2017, delivering a blend of mystical black metal performed with a ’70s flavor, post-rock textures, Pink Floyd-inspired psychedelia, and acoustic overtures. The themes of the record moved towards more spiritual realms probing theories of astral travels and life after death. The band carried on the sound and theme with monumental track “Sleepless,” the centerpiece of their eponymous 2018 EP. Consisting of four reimagined tracks from their back catalog, “Sleepless” served as the only unedited piece. A song centered on living in the moment and making that moment last through eternity, the track displayed the band’s most metal side interspersed with psychedelic passages and Godspeed You! Black Emperor-like instrumental experimentation.