GIMME METAL Announces Metal 2 Channel And More Mustaine, Plus New App Features!

GIMME METAL is proud to launch GIMME METAL 2 offering its listeners a new opportunity to check out different facets of programming during live streaming hours! Hear some classic metal opposite some extreme blast beats and vice versa, as well as great archival programs opposite GIMME METAL‘s Nukebox streams. GIMME METAL 2 will also introduce some new genres to the mix, starting with Carlos Ramirez and his No Echo website’s Gimme Hardcore show every Wednesday at 5:00pm EST / 2:00pm PST where listeners get a rundown of the very best in classic and contemporary hardcore! Plus, GIMME METAL 2 will dish up more Dave Mustaine! To complement his weekly Thursday episodes on GIMME METAL 1, listeners can hear a reairing of the same episode Mondays at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST on GIMME METAL 2. Let Mustaine take away those Monday blues with classic episodes each week!

In related news, GIMME METAL has been working on new features to make the GIMME experience richer and allow listeners an opportunity to get to know more about other fans tuning into the service. Creating more of a metal community than ever before, GIMME METAL‘s latest features now include:

Profile Personalization – Add your favorite artists or styles of music to your profile, upload your own profile photo, and check out all the songs and comments you’ve “liked.” You can now also check out your friends’ profiles,follow them to keep up with their musical tastes and likes, and see who they’re following.

Redesigned Commenting – The Live Chat has also received an upgrade! Click on listeners to see their profiles and tag them in a chat to respond to them while they’re listening.

Calendar – GIMME METAL‘s new calendar section will allow you to not only view upcoming shows, but will also suggest cool shows to check out based on theme or genres.

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