SUNN O))) Shares Rehearsal Demos From Life Metal Via Bandcamp TODAY ONLY And Participates In The NTS Radio Fundraiser Remote Utopias

[photo by A.F. Cortes]

Proceeds from Bandcamp sales and donations from the 24-hour NTS broadcast shall go to the global food banking network

During the writing of SUNN O)))‘s opus Life Metal, Greg and Stephen created three rehearsal demos of riffs and production ideas in Anderson’s Downtown LA rehearsal studio. They are raw, primordial, translucent, amusing, rough, heavy-as-fuck and paralyzing. SUNN O))) is pleased to offer them via Bandcamp Day, TODAY ONLY.

Find the demos here:

SUNN O))) is also participating in the NTS Radio charity fundraiser Remote Utopias who will broadcast SUNN O)))‘s concert from Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, New York in full, including the encore Pyroclasts featuring David Pajo. There will also be a guided meditation broadcast right before the set. SUNN O))) will close the 24-hour takeover on Sunday. Full details here:

All proceeds from the Bandcamp sales shall be going to the Global Food Banking Network, who support food banks affected by COVID-19 crisis. NTS is fundraising for the same cause, encouraging listeners to donate to the Global Food Banking Network when they tune in.