ACxDC: Cvlt Nation Premieres “Gorged” From West Coast Powerviolence Practitioners; Satan Is King Release Day Looms

Cvlt Nation is currently streaming “Gorged” from West Coast powerviolence practitioners, ACxDC. The latest bruiser comes courtesy of the band’s ripping Satan Is King full-length, set for release via the band’s new label home of Prosthetic Records later this month.

Comments vocalist Sergio Amalfitano of the track, “This song is about gluttony and a callous lack of empathy for living creatures that inhabit the earth along with us. Destroying billions of lives — human and non human alike — and by extension the earth for the sake of taste buds and traditions seems to me to be the most egomaniacal thing we can do. It’s a simple choice we make every time we eat.”

Adds Cvlt Nation, “ACXDC is here to kick ass and spit in the face of Christ with their feet on the neck of all downpressors!”

Stream ACxDC’s “Gorged” at Cvlt Nation HERE.

Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) at The Pit Recording Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Full Of Hell, Gatecreeper, High Command) at Audiosiege, Satan Is King is a visceral open sore of aggression, spewing forth a fifteen-part manifesto of rabid fury. Embracing grindcore, powerviolence, and beyond, ACxDC funnels various genres through their distinctive lens. Fans of Gulch, Nasum, and Minor Threat, pay heed.

Satan Is King will be released May 15th on CD, LP, limited gold edition LP, and digital formats via Prosthetic Records. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION where the title track and “Copsucker” can be streamed.

For a band whose full moniker is Antichrist Demoncore, it may come as no surprise that Satan plays a prominent rule across Satan Is King. Satan here, however, serves as a motif for rebellion, for self-discovery, and for rejecting authority rather than as a literal figure of praise. With a tongue-in-cheek title that serves as a response to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King album, Satan Is King is the antidote to excess, greed, and mindless indulgence.

Although the album is released during an election year against the backdrop of a politically fraught environment, the members of ACxDC are not proponents for party politics. Their message – like their music – retains a distinctly DIY attitude. As always, the band is politically charged, distributing sonically raw dispatches at break-neck speed as a true seam of revolution runs through the album’s lyrics, imploring the need for immediate and drastic action to save the planet – and ourselves. Railing against corporations, pushing back against institutions that oppress, and challenging the concept of critical thought in the face of society that rewards greed and champions homogenous thinking all form threads in the fabric of Satan Is King.

“Bursts of anti-authority fury are interrupted by ferocious drum fills. Blastbeats quickly take over, with the song seesawing between those sections and tom-led grooves. The grunt that ends the song might even win over some fans of death metal…” – Decibel Magazine on “Copsucker”

Few bands are able to truly embody the chaotic fun that powerviolence and grindcore provide whilst also making their message and intention utterly clear from the get go. ACxDC hail satan and smash the system in a way few are able to copy or emulate. The deranged combination of sounds and how well they blend together into a pitch black whirlwind of noise and fury is the reason you should check out ACxDC‘s Satan is King, but the craftsmanship and message buried within the record are what will keep you coming back.” — Distorted Sound

“…an utterly devastating collection of songs that are an absolute cavalcade of brilliance from start to finish.” — Ave Noctum