SUNDRIFTER: Treble Premieres “Sons Of Belial” Video From New England Desert Rock Trio; Visitations Full-Length Out Now Via Small Stone

Photo: Mario Forgione Photography

Treble is pleased to debut “Sons Of Belial,” the latest video clip from New England-based desert rock trio SUNDRIFTER. The track comes by way of the band’s Visitations full-length released via Small Stone last fall.

Notes the band of the fittingly trippy performance clip, “The video for ‘Sons of Belial’ was filmed at Futura Productions in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The space used to be an old Masonic Temple later converted into an orchestral recording studio. We have been fortunate enough to be able to use the space for tracking both our albums Visitations and Not Coming Back. The space has a certain feel and most importantly an incredible live sound for drums/ For the video, we wanted to glow the entire room red, similar to our live shows. The red glow can put us in a certain state of mind, and it creates an atmosphere which allows a complete experience for the audience. We strive to create imagery through song writing and set certain vibes for the listener and this video for ‘Sons of Belial’ tries to capture that experience.”

Adds Treble, “Just like the riff-heavy track, the video itself, filmed and edited by Dan Schwartz, has its share of trippy visuals to go along with clips of the band rocking out. There’s an eeriness about the red glow that permeates the video, and the spinning pyramid adds an ominous quality as well.”

View “Sons Of Belial,” courtesy of Treble, at THIS LOCATION.

The nine-track Visitations oozes with planetary motion; one that rolls along a chaotic cosmic path, not at all afraid to smash one asteroid off another before crashing to the surface, which, as we all know, is how life began in the first place.

Visitations was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dan Schwartz at Futura Productions in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The record is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. For orders, go to THIS LOCATION where the band can be streamed in its entirety.

In related news, SUNDRIFTER will play Small Stone’s special SXSW showcase this March alongside Tia Carrera, Irata, La Chinga, Dwellers, and The Cold Stares with additional live performances to be announced in the coming weeks.

3/13/2019 Small Stone SXSW Showcase @ Lamberts – Austin, TX

Born out of a Boston rock underground teeming with history and riffs alike, SUNDRIFTER captures the essence of tonal weight with their Small Stone debut, Visitations. Their second album overall behind 2016’s Not Coming Back, Visitations harnesses spaciousness and heft alike and soars with melodic vibrancy in a way most acts simply can’t balance. Shades of Soundgarden and Queens Of The Stone Age appear, but they’re just shades, and SUNDRIFTER‘s vision of heavy is their own, someplace between grunge, doom, psychedelia, and classic heavy rock.

“…a very bass immersed rock ‘n’ roll record with an ultra-thick atmosphere and doomy distortions…the track arrangement, the excellent timing of when to introduce a rhythm section, the delivery, and the playing tactics make this a piece of gold that needs to be heard by anyone that’s into rock music or heavy metal alike.” – Indy Metal Vault

“…a must have album and one that you will be listening to for a very long time come.” – Outlaws Of The Sun

SUNDRIFTER… make no bones about their almost obsessive interests in space, time, and the existence of extra-terrestrial life, the band utilizing these interests as the foundations on which to build their songs and theme their albums… this year the band return to take us once again to the edges of our consciousness with their new release Visitations.” – Stoner King

“…if Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age had a baby, its name would be SUNDRIFTER for sure… highly recommended to anyone getting into space rock or stoner rock; it’s got all of the key components.” – Mammoth Tongue

“The music here is like the bastard child of a late night orgy between early Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Queens Of The Stone Age, lots of heavy, fuzz laden riffing, high pitched vocals, and pounding drumming.” – Sea Of Tranquility

SUNDRIFTER join grunge with doom and classic rock sounds. It’s perfect for a road trip in a 70s muscle car. At the same time, it is also a good soundtrack for a day when you want nothing more than to relax on your couch and enjoy some good tunes.” — Glide Magazine

The desert has given birth to some fine fruit this year, and the heartfelt invention of Visitations most definitely falls from the same tree.” — Ghost Cult