SULLEN: Portuguese Prog Metal Unit Releases “The Mounder” Studio Video; Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion Full-Length Out Now

Photo by André Moreira

Portuguese prog metallers SULLEN recently unveiled “The Mounder,” the final clip in a series of studio videos shot last Summer.

While the track appears on the band’s Post Human debut, released in 2015, it was captured live at Stone Sound Studio on August 9th, 2020 after the Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion recording sessions and displays the band’s growth as performers.

Comments drummer Marcelo Aires of the track, “‘The Mounder’ tells the tale of a lost soul that has been consumed by darkness and toxicity, and its journey to be reborn again as a godlike figure, demolishing the old world in all its frailties and conventions, rebuilding it anew, becoming higher and stronger than all with a new sense of purpose.”

View SULLEN’s “The Mounder” studio video at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released videos for “Memento” HERE, “The Prodigal Sun” HERE, and “Acheronta Movebo”HERE.

SULLEN is a collective force of multiple personalities driven by a common search for new musical possibilities. Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion establishes a sonic evolution from the band’s 2015 Post-Human debut, while retaining the somber nature that characterizes their music. Layered textures of fierce vocals, guitars, drums, synths, and sound effects are intertwined with meditative passages, all permeated by the turmoil of changing time signatures and elusive chord progressions that make for an enticing listening experience, shaking listeners to their very core and inspiring meditation into the depths of the human soul. Embrace this journey with an open mind and heart and you’ll be taken to higher realms of existence and consciousness.

Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion is available digitally via Nuclear Blast’s digital subsidiary, Blood Blast Distribution, and on limited edition CD independently by the band.

Find digital orders at THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in full. For physical orders, visit the SULLEN Bandcamp page HERE.

“Nodus Tollens” is a neologism by John Koenig, creator of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, used to define the feeling of insecurity that some people get when they find that their lives don’t make sense anymore. Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion portrays the apprehension of reality and the need for a paradigm shift; the realization that you’re not following the arc of the story – you must go back and reread the chapters you skimmed to get to the good parts – and that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

“You know you’re in for a journey when the band’s album title says it’s an ‘Act.’ And what a journey this is. Nodus Tollens… reminds me of a Caligula’s Horse record with occasional growls and some Haken moments here and there. This one is moody, rhythmically awkward… a solid prog record.” – Metal Injection

“I’ve listened a number of times now, and I still feel like there are little secrets to discover, hidden passageways and hidden artifacts in the songs… these songs are bangers. They move fearlessly with purpose and meaning.” – Metal Asylum

“Progressive metal, melodic death metal, jazz metal, and math metal are woven together in a kind of dystopic tapestry with clean production that presentably allows you to hear every overt and subtle nuance of Sullen’s songwriting. This is an album that’s accessible to more than one audience without compromising any of the band’s originality.” – Asphyxium

SULLEN finally returns from its 2015 debut with a more refined mixture of ambient electronica, progressive metal, and even some melodic death influences. Layered textures of intricate guitars, delicate synths, and vocals both clean and harsh define this quality progressive metal permeated by a gloomy feel…” – Cave Dweller Music

“…a damn fine display of gloriously melodic prog metal art…” – No Clean Singing

David Pais – vocals
André Ribeiro – guitars
Ricardo Pinto – bass
Marcelo Aires – drums, percussion, keys
Pedro Ricardo – guest guitarist