STRANGELIGHT To Release Debut EP Via Sacrament Music This Fall

Featuring members of various other collectives including Made Out Of Babies, Thursday, Red Sparowes, Pigs, United Nations, Goes Cube, Mussels and Kiss It Goodbye, STRANGELIGHT was forged in a small basement studio. While their past and current bands share little in common, STRANGELIGHT – Brendan Tobin, Cooper, Kenneth Appel, John Niccoli and Geoff Rickly – share an adoration for all things angular, discordant, rhythmic and driving.

Drawing heavily upon DC visionaries, Amphetamine Reptile destroyers and Touch & Go noisemakers and named in honor of a track off Fugazi’s last record, The Argument, STRANGELIGHT offers up all the signature makings of an early ’90s Dischord band: Drums and bass rumble along like a tornado. The guitars stab their way out of the mix like broken glass. The fact that they’re not distorted only makes them heavier. The vocals, mumble, shout, indict and accuse. Anyone with a deep record collection will understand that STRANGELIGHT aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, just taking the dust jackets off the old classics and melting the vinyl down for fun.

STRANGELIGHT will release their debut EP, 9 Days, on October 1, 2013 via Brooklyn-based Sacrament Music. Written and recorded at Tobin’s own Ice Cream Audio in Brooklyn, New, York in just nine days (hence the title), 9 Days is an honest and simple name for a simple, honest record.

9 Days Track Listing:
1. Split And Divide
2. Mosh Party
3. High Five Hailstorm
4. Tiers Of Joy
5. Xmas
6. White Feather