STEVE VON TILL: Debut Solo Album To See First-Ever Vinyl Pressing

As the out-of-print debut solo album from Neurosis’ STEVE VON TILL, As The Crow Flies, sees a long-awaited re-release this month, Neurot Recordings proudly confirms the seminal album’s first-ever vinyl edition.

Initially released in 2000, marking the first non-Neurosis recording on the Neurot roster, STEVE VON TILL‘s As The Crow Flies is now available on CD once again, as the label this week re-releases the album into the population precisely thirteen years later. Bearing updated artwork and packaging from the initial release, the nearly forty-five minute composition bears a vast contrast to Neurosis’ massive, plodding riffing and percussion, instead feeling more like a mental excursion into the outer realms of consciousness; an ambient, eclectic, organic and overall honest harvest from the mind of its creator.

Neurot this week also announces the pending first-ever LP edition of As The Crow Flies, now slated to land late this Summer. This deluxe 180-gram vinyl pressing of the album will be limited to 500 pieces and will be available direct through Neurot only. An official late Summer release date will be confirmed in the coming weeks.