SIX REASONS TO KILL: New Album From German Metalcore Kings Out Now On Massacre Records

Following its massive European release in late March, We Are Ghosts — the fifth full-length from reigning German metalcore quintet SIX REASONS TO KILL — now hits North American shores via Massacre Records.

Founded in 1999 when the hybrid of metal and hardcore was a newer underground movement, SIX REASONS TO KILL has constantly evolved their sound through releases on Alveran, Bastardized, Tribunal and other notable labels, including four previous full-lengths in addition to split albums with both Absidia and Deadlock. The band has toured across Europe constantly, alongside well-known acts like Hatebreed, Caliban, Maroon, Hatesphere, Deadlock, Samael, Pro-Pain and Burning Skies, along the way playing innumerable shows and festivals with various acts such as Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, Parkway Drive, Unearth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Shadows Fall, Bleeding Through, Napalm Death, Heaven Shall Burn among many others.

We Are Ghosts is a display of why SIX REASONS TO KILL have been one of the most consistent acts at what they’re doing since before the turn of the century; playing modern and aggressive metal with strong hardcore influences, without ever losing sight of their target audience. The wicked ten-track opus was produced at Kohlekeller Studio by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Bonifer (Powerwolf, Crematory, The Burning, Benighted) and hatefully drags the listener through more than forty minutes of down-tuned, earthmoving breakdowns and guttural torment.

We Are Ghosts Track Listing:
1. The Damned
2. We Are Ghosts
3. Inked Inside
4. God Of The Dead
5. Betrayer
6. Unburied Again
7. Heartbreaker
8. Factor X
9. Catalyst
10. F… Hipster