SQUASH BOWELS: Selfmadegod Records To Reissue Goregrind Kings’ Rare First Album

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the re-release of Polish goregrind kings SQUASH BOWELS‘ rare first album, Tnyribal!

Tnyribal is no doubt one of the most brutal, and thus most important grindcore albums of the last century. Initially released in 2000 via infamous Czech record label Obscene Productions, this landmark release from SQUASH BOWELS now sees an official reintroduction to the world with an official re-release of the album via Polish metal label Selfmadegod Records. The new Selfmadegod version of the album is housed in a 6-panel digipak with completely new artwork and fully redesigned layout.

Tnyribal track listing:
1. Stranger Mind: Possessed – Amssend – Passage
2. Dark Corridors: Xabon – Refractive – Naxaru – Ytarb
3. Zema Inpa: Fear – Doldrums – Liberate Me! – Dizziness – Effluvium
4. Zonhori Nteve: Blood – Soulless – Radiate – Transmit
5. Bad Sector: Melzu Nepa – Sybba – Rezom – Dergi
6. Black Thing: The Shape – TMA – 3 – Error

“Hyper-produced, blasting grindcore from this incredible and outstanding Polish act. The drummer is one of the fastest and tightest ever heard… Brutal rapid tracks mixed with a cyber-noise soundtrack that could be the soundtrack of your worst nightmare. Definitely a classic in brutality!!!” – Giulio The Bastard [Cripple Bastards]