SPOTLIGHTS: Crowquill Records Reissues Demonstration EP; Record Streaming At Echoes And Dust + New EP Due In 2016


SPOTLIGHTS has signed with Crowquill Records for the re-release of the band’s Demonstration EP, which is now streaming in its entirety at Echoes And Dust just days before the record becomes available.

Comprised of Mario and Sarah Quintero, SPOTLIGHTS is a project preceding the expansive post-rock outfit Sleep Lady. Mario is also known for his solo work in Codas. After moving to Brooklyn from San Diego in 2013, they began writing and performing new music as a two-piece focusing on a more electronic sound with Mario on drums. After self-releasing the Demonstration EP in April 2014, they employed drummer Joey Campanella for live shows, moving Mario to guitar and vocals.

SPOTLIGHTS is now in full force, bringing forth a massive sound some may refer to as doomgaze or post-metal with enormous guitar tones, earth shaking bass and percussion, shimmering synths, and vocals. Written and performed by Sarah Quintero (bass, vocals), and Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, synths/programming), Demonstration was recorded and mixed by Mario Quintero in their living room and practice spaces in Brooklyn, New York, and fitted with a beautiful photo of the Swiss Alps by Mario as well.

Crowquill Records will officially reissue the band’s Demonstration EP digitally this Friday, November 6th, which, in addition to the four tracks on the original, also includes an extra track, “French Exit,” the entire record having been remixed and remastered.

To reintroduce SPOTLIGHTS’ Demonstration EP, Echoes And Dust is now streaming the record in its entirety RIGHT HERE.

The re-release of Demonstration is now available with the “name your price” option now at THIS LOCATION.


Demonstration Track Listing:
1. The Fire Walk
2. Cult Classic
3. Bad Animals
4. Mosh Pits To Mogwai
5. French Exit

Crowquill will also officially release SPOTLIGHTS‘ impending follow-up EP to Demonstration, called Tidals, on vinyl and digital platforms in 2016. Additional updates on the new material will be announced later this year.

SPOTLIGHTS will share the stage with Philadelphia hypergrinders, Die Choking, and riff-raging power trio and Crowquill labelmates, Carved Up, on November 15th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Additional live dates from the band are expected in the near future.

11/15/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY *record release w/ Carved Up, Spotlights, Godmaker [info]