SONS OF TONATIUH: New Video Brought To You By Metal Injection

SONS OF TONATIUH bring their slow-roasted sludge sorcery to the screen today via Metal Injection with a video for “Parade Of Sorrow,” the title track to their current full-length, out now through Hydro-Phonic Records. The production was created by Philip Flock in October of 2012 and depicts a world gone critically wrong. Comments the band in a collective statement: “With forgotten souls of the past and the indifference of the future, we continue to inch our way into a void of emptiness and self contempt for humankind. This video is a reflection of that worthlessness we have worked so hard to achieve as a society.”

SONS OF TONATIUH released the riff procession that is Parade Of Sorrow this Summer. Recorded in Athens, Georgia by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk, Parade Of Sorrow continues to harvest critical hails from fans and critics nationally. Skulls N Bones commends the record for having “a heaviness of its own,” Exclaim likens the songs to “sinking in quicksand, but they evoke panicked thrashing rather than resigned, churning misery,” Broken Beard notes that Parade Of Sorrow “is every bit the Eyehategod worship as their self-titled debut, and yet they’ve squeezed this throbbing new pustule so hard there is pus and blood bursting out all over the place,” while The Sludgelord crowns Parade Of Sorrow “another stellar record from another fantastic band.” Metal Maniacs calls the album “infectious – plain and simple,” Sea Of Tranquility agrees, comparing the output to “…a head-on-collision between early Black Sabbath and Eyehategod,” Axes To Grind opines, “the great thing about this offering is the vast expansion of sound that it encompasses, “Mouth for War proclaims Parade of Sorrow “doomy, swampy and frenetic at times…It’s an album that gets under you skin and worms it’s way into you skull. You can’t get rid of it or it’s southern sludge vibe,”and This Is Not A Scene dubs it “…a savagely aggressive, sonically belligerent album that is among the rawest to emerge from the southern USA in the last decade…”

Check out Parade Of Sorrow streaming in its entirety at the official SONS OF TONATIUH bandcamp page HERE.