SOLAR CROSS: Finnish Progressive Death Metal Trio Of Brothers Featuring Former Members Of Omnium Gatherum Sign To Transcending Records; Echoes Of The Eternal Word Full-Length To See Release Late This Fall

Finnish progressive death metal trio SOLAR CROSS, featuring former members of Omnium Gatherum, has joined Transcending Records for the release of their Echoes Of The Eternal Word full-length late this Fall.

Since prehistoric times, a cross within a circle has been a symbol for wholeness. It represents the great cycle of being, the mythic Eternal Return. This powerful primordial symbolism can be heard in the music of SOLAR CROSS: straightforward yet nuanced metal with lyrics that draw inspiration from Finnish folklore and personal ritual relationship with natural cycles.

Formed by a triumvirate of the brothers Harri Pikka, Lauri Pikka, and Jarmo Pikka, the archetypal quaternity is completed by the lyricist, author Matti Rautaniemi. The band’s impending debut album, Echoes Of The Eternal Word, crosses the boundaries between ancient and modern. It strikes deep into the most primal layers of its listener’s soul.

Comments guitarist Harri Pikka, “After finalizing the mix of our Pikka Bros album, we were fortunate as hell to come across Mike [Ramirez] and his Transcending Records, a label with some amazing releases and interesting artists. SOLAR CROSS is a naturally moving force and we are ready to be launched through Mike’s label.”

More info on Echoes Of The Eternal Word, including cover art, track listing, and teaser tracks to be unveiled in the weeks to come.

Lauri Pikka – vocals
Harri Pikka – guitars, bass
Jarmo Pikka – drums