SNUFFED ON SIGHT: Bay Area Death Metal/Hardcore Act To Release Smoke Debut LP Via Creator-Destructor Records And Maggot Stomp; “Time 2 Dip” Video Premiered At Slam Worldwide

photos by Kevin Burleigh

Creator-Destructor Records and Maggot Stomp unite for their first cross-label co-release, presenting Bay Area brutal death metal/hardcore outfit SNUFFED ON SIGHT, and their impending debut LP, Smoke. The first precursor of the album’s disgustingly violent beatdown, “Time 2 Dip,” is playing through a video premiered today at Slam Worldwide.

What sets SNUFFED ON SIGHT apart from the rest of the current world of caveman-style death metal is their tendency to lean heavily into the slam-influences of their sound, as well as their self-aware sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek approach to some of the heaviest riffs you’ll hear all year. The band has wasted no time the past few years in touring around North America multiple times, garnering more and more fans of the band’s intentionally ignorant approach to death metal, slam, and hardcore.

Since their 2020 formation, SNUFFED ON SIGHT has polluted the planet with a suffocating array of material both independently and through Barbaric Brutality including demos, singles, EPs, a split with Corpse Pile, and more.

Smoke dispatches listeners with eight slamming tracks in fifteen minutes; an extremely dense and crushing experience. Recorded by the band, the album was mixed and mastered by Hunter Young and Brandon Lopez at The Swamp Sound and completed with artwork by Johan Aberg/Cybernoseratu, lettering by Pyst, and photography by Kevin Burleigh, who also filmed the “Time 2 Dip” video.

Vocalst Seven Kane states with the “Time 2 Dip” video, “Gutturals and breakdowns for big boys, bad bitches, and TikTok punks to fuck shit up and smoke fat doinks to. Shoutout Dying Fetus.”

Get wrecked to SNUFFED ON SIGHT’s “Time 2 Dip” via Slam Worldwide RIGHT HERE.

Smoke will be released July 7th on LP, CD, and digital formats as a hybrid release between Creator-Destructor and Maggot Stomp with a cassette confirmed through Barbaric Brutality. Watch for preorders and additional audio previews to drop in the days ahead.

Smoke Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Time 2 Dip
3. Slippin
4. DTD
5. (Smoke Break)
6. Repeat Offender
7. Dummy
8. Smoke

Seven Kane – vocals
Walid Gad – guitar
Laike – drums
Spencer Metela – bass