SNARES OF SIXES: Metal Injection Premieres “Dogs Of The Star Chain” Video From Project Of Agalloch’s Jason Walton With Secret Chiefs 3, Sculptured Members; Single Out Friday On Nefarious Industries

Metal Injection is hosting the video premiere of “Dogs Of The Star Chain,” a new single from SNARES OF SIXES, which sees digital release everywhere this Friday on Nefarious Industries.

SNARES OF SIXES is a grand experiment led by Jason Walton (Agalloch, Sculptured, MoonBladder).  Defining the music is problematic but could be described as experimental electronic with leanings towards ambient created with a balance of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. SNARES OF SIXES has a few returning core members each release, but often expands its palette to feature new members as the music sees fit. So far in the band’s career, Walton has been joined by members of Kayo Dot, Lawnmower Deth, Ephel Duath, Winds, Dreadnought, and many more. In 2016, SNARES OF SIXES released their Yeast Mother debut EP on Crucial Blast, and in 2021 released the critically acclaimed MoonBladder LP on Nefarious Industries.

The seeds for “Dogs Of The Star Chain” were planted by core SNARES OF SIXES member R. Hunter (missing scenes, Self Spiller) years ago. What he initially thought would be an unused track was given new life when he and Jason Walton were sharing a pint. Walton was looking for a single to act as a segue between material he was currently working on and the MoonBladder LP. Days later, Walton met up with Adam Stacey (Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3) at the same pub where he met Hunter earlier in the week and asked Stacey if he heard anything he could add to the track. Stacey was happy to contribute. Core member Marius Sjøli (Fauna Timbre, Sculptured) then went to work on the foundation that Hunter had provided.

After all the involved parties added their parts, Walton edited, mixed, and arranged all the pieces at his Earth in Sound Studios to be the finished song, “Dogs Of The Star Chain.” The track was mastered by Jori Apedaile at JWA Recordings and the design by David Brenner. Upon completion, SNARES OF SIXES enlisted videographer Kenneth Mellum to enhance the song with his unique and surreal video work.

Walton reveals, “‘Dogs Of The Star Chain’ is another left turn for SNARES OF SIXES. This song is all at once bizarre and confounding, yet beautiful and haunting. It contains elements we have worked with before but features a more rhythmic trance-like backbone and pulse than we have created in the past. I am excited to partner with Nefarious Industries once again to release this digital single and let people know that SNARES OF SIXES is still going strong.”

With their premiere of the video, Metal Injection writes, “Jason Walton and company strike again, but stranger this time.”

Watch SNARES OF SIXES’ entrancing “Dogs Of The Star Chain” video first at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

“Dogs Of The Star Chain” will be released on all digital streaming services this Friday, February 9th. Find more info at Nefarious Industries HERE.

Watch for further updates from SNARES OF SIXES in the months ahead as the next chapter of the band is written.

Jason Walton – synths, samples, backing vocals, arrangements
Marius Sjøli – vocals, synths, drum programming and sequencing
R. Hunter – synths, effects
Adam Stacey – glitch effects, electric and acoustic piano, synths