SLOW BURNING RAGE: No Echo Streams Debut From Iron Reagan/Bleach Everything Drummer’s Project With Guests From Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, And More; Album Out Friday Via Pax Aeternum

photo by Veronika Reinert

No Echo is currently streaming the entire eponymous debut record from SLOW BURNING RAGE – the new endeavor founded by Bleach Everything/Iron Reagan drummer Ryan Parrish, joined by a massive cast of guests from the likes of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, Inter Arma, Windhand, Avail, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, and more – ahead of its release through Pax Aeternum this Friday.

With the birth of SLOW BURNING RAGE, Parrish is adamant that this not be considered a solo album, and with the list of contributors being what it is, one can see why. But through an expansive and eclectic set of influences and collaborators it stands as a testament to both his curatorial abilities and his unique ear for sonic world-building. As a concise statement of purpose that still manages to contain multitudes the album acts as a reminder to listeners that, in a world full of uninspired genre-molded imitators, the possibility for new and captivating approaches to sound still exists.

The album was recorded by Ricky Olsen at the Ward with additional tracking by Tommy Gunn at Hammerhand and by Ryan Parrish at Roach Floor, mixed by Jeff Kane and Ryan Parrish at Roach Floor, mastered by Marshall Wieczorek at MP Productions, and completed with photography by Veronika Reinert, art by Matt Boyle, and design by Graham Scala.

Parrish delves, “I’ve been fortunate enough to play and release records with bands for two decades. Yet, creating the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented musicians in my hometown made the development of this particular album one of the most unique and satisfying experiences of my life. Every song has its own identity, sound, inspiration, and delivery. In a world plagued by tribalism and loyalty to a cause, SLOW BURNING RAGE is a project that doesn’t bend to genre, yield to the mainstream, or follow any guidelines to what’s acceptable in a musical capacity. If you love sonic experimentation, it’s time to set normality aside and go for this audio-maniacal ride!”

With the advance album stream, No Echo writes, “SLOW BURNING RAGE isn’t easy to peg down by one genre tag. OK, if had to describe what Parrish is doing, I’d say it’s a no-fucks-given mash-up of jazz skronk, Painkiller, Zeni Geva, and eerie yet soothing soundscapes. The eponymous debut album is expertly sequenced, flowing into itself seamlessly despite its wide-ranging stylistic approach.”

Stream SLOW BURNING RAGE’s entire debut early through No Echo now at THIS LOCATION.

Pax Aeternum will release Slow Burning Rage through all digital providers this Friday, December 17th. Find preorders HERE and watch for additional updates to post over the weeks ahead.

While Ryan Parrish might be best known through his drumming for heavier artists like Bleach Everything, City Of Caterpillar, Suppression, Mammoth Grinder, Iron Reagan, and Darkest Hour or to a lesser extent through his gentler, more experimental work with Years and Harmonic Cross, his first release as SLOW BURNING RAGE manages to draw on both the visceral and cerebral halves of his output, fusing them in unpredictable configurations that produce something far greater than the sum of its respective parts.

SLOW BURNING RAGE’s debut features Ryan Parrish playing drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and electronics on all tracks in addition to providing arrangements and percussion. Sean Cassidy’s saxophone playing graces opener “Agonal Gasp.” Parrish’s former Darkest Hour bandmate Paul Burnette contributes organ, bass, and percussion to “The Slow Burn Of Madmartigan.” Chris Barron, Graham Scala, and Jonathon Moore add guitar textures to “A.L.A.S.” and “Scaphism (Two Boats).” A percussion ensemble consisting of Robley Ball, TJ Childress, Alex Copeland, Bram Crowe-Getty, Richard Gibson, Jason Hodges, Erik Josephson, Erik Larson, Jon Rice, Johnny Ward, Brandon Whittaker, Dave Witte, Ryan Wolfe underpins “Dark Thunder…” while closer “…Crystal Nebula” features harp by Marie Gist.