SKUMSTRIKE: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Caustic Poison” Single From Montreal Black/Thrash Metal Duo; Deadly Intrusions Debut Full-Length Nears Release Through Selfmadegod Records

Decibel Magazine is now streaming “Caustic Poison,” the opening track from Deadly Intrusions, the debut album from Quebec black/thrash metal duo SKUMSTRIKE. The track hits the public ahead of the album’s release in early April through Selfmadegod Records.

SKUMSTRIKE’s Deadly Intrusions combines rapid-fire thrash with the heft of early Celtic Frost and moon-worshiping abandon of Darkthrone. A crackling vein of high-voltage hardcore punk runs through the record, perfectly portrayed with a reckless cover of Poison Idea’s “Nothing is Final,” while the wild spirit of Japanese acts ranging from Sabbat to GISM animate the unhinged vocals.

Recorded and Mixed July-August 2021 in Montreal by Pat McDowall and mastered by Enormous Door, Deadly Intrusions is completed with cover artwork by renowned Indonesian artist Ibay Arifin.

The band delivers with the new track, “’Caustic Poison’ is the very tip of the spear: the first track from SKUMSTRIKE‘s debut album Deadly Intrusions. First time listeners will be introduced to the band’s sickening fusion of violent proto-thrash and speedy hardcore, with the ghosts of Japanese legends GISM invoked in a manic vocal performance that descends into mayhem.”

Decibel writes in part, “The lead track from the D-beat-driven black thrashers’ upcoming Deadly Intrusions full-length is a relentless assault, with manic riffery, wretched, distorted vocals, and beaucoup de batterie. SKUMSTRIKE go full-tilt for barely two-and-a-half minutes and still manage to wedge in a manic guitar solo and a weird psych-inspired freak out for a bridge.”

Deploy SKUMSTRIKE’s “Caustic Poison” first through the portal at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Selfmadegod Records will issue Deadly Intrusions on CD and digital formats on April 8th. Find preorders at Bandcamp where lead single “Blood Red Vision” is streaming HERE. US-based Caligari Records has preorders up for the cassette version HERE.

Fully armed with this new arsenal, with JK of Spectral Wound and Profane Order handling bass assaults, SKUMSTRIKE plans a vengeful return to the live stage in 2022. Watch for updates to post in the weeks ahead.

Formed in the icy depths of Montreal in the Winter of 2017, SKUMSTRIKE seeks an unholy union between the raging punk of that city and the glowing-red aggression of ancient thrash and first-wave black metal. With LA (Profane Order) on strings and ZS (Serpent Corpse, Xanadoo) on vocals/ceaseless battery, the band issued their Demo 2017 in their first year, followed by 2018’s nascent Pure Coercion EP, which first showcased the cadre’s hideous melding of pounding hardcore with the primal madness of early Voivod and ‘80s Germanic steel. Spilling early blood on the stage with acts like Outre Tombe, Occult Burial, Devil Master, Profane Order, Saccage, Enforced, High Command, and Napalm Raid, the group took a leap forward in 2020 with their Caligari Records debut, the Execution Void EP, while ramping up live shows around Eastern Canada.

Hailed as “a seamless hybrid of D-beat and black metal” by Metal Injection, that release paved the way for an East Coast tour of the US, with dates alongside fellow Quebec filth-merchants Sedimentum, only to be denied by the arrival of the pandemic and the slamming shut of the northern frontier. Regrouping the following Summer, LA and ZS poured all their spite and love for blackened speed punk into SKUMSTRIKE‘s most acidic material yet. Having previously shared the stage with Canadian black metal horde Spectral Wound, the group chose to record their debut full-length, Deadly Intrusions, with Spectral Wound guitarist Pat McDowell in August 2021. What issued forth is a venomous tale of mental degradation.