SKULLSHITTER: New York City Psychedelic Deathgrind Trio To Host Gimme Metal Guest DJ Special Thursday, June 2nd; Goat Claw Full-Length Out Now On Nerve Altar

New York City-based psychedelic deathgrind trio SKULLSHITTER will host a Gimme Metal guest DJ special Thursday, June 2nd at 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT. Visit and join the band in the live chat!

SKULLSHITTER released their Goat Claw full-length via Nerve Altar last month. Understanding the true nature of inner freedom through hallucinogenics and rock ‘n’ roll, Goat Claw brandishes a furious, three-headed vocal assault and spews forth sixteen grave-tripping tracks of old-school grindcore drenched in mind-bending psychedelia – a sonic declaration of intensity, focus, and acrimony, laced with a concentrated dose of Lucifer.

View SKULLSHITTER’s previously released video for “Digitally Reproductive World” HERE and “Morbid Tomb” HERE.

Goat Claw was recorded by Nolan Voss, mixed by Jamie Uertz at Silver Cord Studios, and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, and comes swathed in the cover art of Tas Danazoglou with layout by Robert Nelson and Aaron Nichols.

Goat Claw is available on LP and digitally. For orders visit THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in full.

“Drugs and grindcrore are already a formula to ponder, add NYC to the mix and you’re getting some truly intense environs plopped onto your senses with Goat Claw, the latest on Nerve Altar out now from SKULLSHITTER. Goofball samples, squelches of feedback upon intro and it’s off to the most toxic recesses of the Gowanus Canal with these guys.” — Metal Injection

“Elevator pitch: Terrorizer and Autopsy take some sketchy acid and consummate their union, conceiving a spun-out, death metal-loving spawn. That spawn is SKULLSHITTER… Their new full-length, Goat Claw, is out now, expounding on the joys of Satan, hallucinogens, and rock ‘n’ roll.” – Decibel Magazine

“It covers a surprisingly large amount of ground in its fifty-two-second running time, from total deathgrind brutality to classic metal shredding and more.” — BrooklynVegan on “Council Of Disease”

SKULLSHITTER absolutely blaze through this second long-player with style, resembling the still hardcore punk-affected brand of grindcore at full force in the late ‘80s and its death-heavy push in the early ‘90s without making a musty, old too-serious mess of that spiritus.” — Grizzly Butts

SKULLSHITTER – and by extension, Goat Claw – is predominantly a purveyor of a Repulsion-y old-style death / grind, riding catchy riffs and battering-ram blast-to-groove beats beneath a triple-scream vocal attack that manages to embed head-crushing hooks in the madness of ‘Mind Power’ and ‘Doing Drugs With The Devil’ and ‘Morbid Tomb.’ Top all that off with a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on how you look at it) fixation with Autopsy’s scuzztastic noxious doominess, and behold, you’re caught in the grip of the goat claw.” – Last Rites

“They may be a three-piece, but they’re heavier than an Eyehategod hangover and noisier than a nuclear test explosion in the desert. The message is clear: you can embrace the inner savage and discover a spiritual side to your existence at the same time.” – Scream Blast Repeat

Sean Walsh – guitar, vocals
Ryan Kunimura – bass, vocals
Robert Nelson – drums, vocals

Guest Musicians:
Nolan Voss – vocals
Owen Rundquist – vocals
Jessie Nelson – synths / keys
Mike Nichols – aux percussion