SHADOW FROST MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL: Frederick, Maryland’s Exclusive Indoor Winter Gathering Announces Updated Lineup + Merch Presales

SHADOW FROST MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL, Frederick, Maryland’s exclusive indoor winter gathering, will take place February 21st and 22nd, 2020.

Produced by Shadow Woods Productions, LLC, this inaugural, hotel-based gala will feature Oakland’s crushing Vastum with a special set from their guitarist/ambient industrialist Leila Abdul-Rauf. The lineup rounds out with East Coast cult thrashers Deceased, Vermont’s thunderous Barishi, Boston traditional metallers Magic Circle, and Houston’s Doomstress. Also performing are heavy psych throwbacks Alms and the otherworldly Darsombra (both from Baltimore), Detroit black metalists Fell Ruin, and up-and-coming doom maestros from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Yatra. Tickets and the full daily lineups can be found at THIS LOCATION.

Exclusive SHADOW FROST merch has also been released for presale until February 1st. Designed by Legerdemain‘s Brian Sheehan, Wailing Wizard’s Rebecca Magar, and Art Noir‘s Yuriy Seroff, these phenomenal creations all evoke the chilling winter months. Merch can be found HERE.

SHADOW FROST is heavily focused on Maryland-based artists including Alms, Darsombra, Spiral Grave, Radamanthys, and Yatra and is geared toward those who want to step outside their comfort zone and explore. “There is so much great music being created that totally flies under the radar in the music scene, even among people who seem to know a lot about music trends,” said SHADOW FROST producer M A Spiro. “I am not trying to host bands that you can see at a lot of other festivals, but I want to showcase a few of the best that that underground music has to offer. That has been my philosophy with every event I have done, and I don’t plan to change that.”

While previous Shadow Woods fests have been outdoors, the hotel setting provides attendees with unique opportunities to mingle. Hotel amenities include an indoor pool and game room, tavern serving traditional pub fare, and free breakfast every morning. Festivities will occur in the ballroom and pre-function area of the event center, which is attached via an indoor corridor to the hotel. No need to step outside in the cold! SHADOW FROST will also host arts and music vendors, workshops, Saturday morning yoga, table games, and other fun activities. The fest will have the feel of an event such as a horror or comic convention.

Find daily lineups below (does not reflect order of performance):

Friday – February 21st:

Barishi — Vermont prog-psych rock

Leila Abdul-Rauf — Oakland dark ambient multi-instrumentalist

Doomstress — Texas heavy rock

Alms — Baltimore proto-metal

Fell Ruin — Detroit blackened sludge

Capitalist — New Jersey crust grind

Infinite Pizza — Baltimore pizza-themed punk/grind

Saturday – February 22nd:

Vastum — Oakland death metal

Deceased — East Coast death metal legends

Darsombra — Baltimore trans-apocalyptic galaxy rock

Arsantiqva — New York black metal

Magic Circle — Boston traditional heavy metal

Frost Giant — Philadelphia viking metal

Volur — Toronto ambient doom

Spiral Grave — Maryland/Virginia heavy metal

Witching — Philadelphia blackened sludge

Yatra — Maryland death doom

Mo’ynoq — Raleigh DSBM

Polemicist — Philadelphia blackened death

Radamanthys — Maryland tech death

SHADOW FROST is an all ages event, however, children’s tickets (ages 5-17) will be available at the door with a PAID parent or guardian on-premises. Children under 5 get in for FREE at the door with a paid parent or guardian.

** Please note tickets do NOT include hotel reservations. **

Hotel Reservations:

VENDORS: Interested in vending? There are still a few spaces left. Introduce yourself by sending a message to and include the URL and description of your business. SHADOW FROST is interested in fine arts, painting, illustration, hand-made arts, wearables, woodworking, jewelry, leather craft, musical instruments, ceramics, potions and lotions and similar. We are also interested in rock, metal or folk record distros.

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