ORPHAN DONOR: Solo Project Of Secret Cutter Drummer Completes New Album For March Release; Trailer And Other Details Issued

[photos by Jamie Heim]

Allentown, Pennsylvania-based ORPHAN DONOR — the brainchild of Jared Stimpfl, the explosive drummer of infamous sludge/hardcore trio Secret Cutter – has completed a new album, Old Patterns. Finalizing the new record for release in mid-March, the cover art, track listing, a brief trailer, and more have been issued.

ORPHAN DONOR‘s sound is reminiscent of mostly early 2000s screamo and metalcore era, with influences taken from PG99, As The Sun Sets, Jerome’s Dream, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Examination Of The…, Orchid, and even Deftones. Old Patterns makes use of the dark, melodic, and dissonant melodies that give an eerie sense of an emotional breakdown of rational reality. Grinding, fierce drums pave the way to the riffs that serve as a metronome for the stream of consciousness that is laid out on the drums. Perfectly placed and chilling vocals fill out the chaos.

Besides the album’s vocals, which were provided by Chris Pandolofo of Clouds Collide, every instrument on Old Patterns was played, recorded, and mixed by Stimpfl in his home studio, Captured Recording Studios, where he’s recorded the likes of Jesus Piece, Ultramantis Black, Secret Cutter, Tile, Hell To Pay, and others. The album was mastered by Ryan Haft and completed with artwork by James Revelle, who is also responsible for the creation of the video assets for the album.

Check out the intense trailer for ORPHAN DONOR’s Old Patterns album RIGHT HERE.

Old Patterns will see release on all digital platforms on Friday the 13th of March, with a physical version to follow. Watch for full audio and video samples, preorders, and other info on the album to be issued in the weeks ahead.

According to creator Jared Stimpfl, there’s really no rhyme or reason of ORPHAN DONOR‘s existence, but to serve as a therapeutic and nostalgic outlet to the formative years of his musical upbringing. “There’s a constant flow of ideas that come to my mind that I know we’d never use in Secret Cutter, and it gives me a reason to play around with guitars and learn more about the recording process,” he offers.

Through the schizophrenic psychosis and complete lapse of this reality, ORPHAN DONOR was a faint glimpse down a long tunnel of pure chaos. “Was I in a reality TV show? How was I changing the weather? Why am I burying my CDs in a cornfield? The world is after me. It took about a year after this event to gather myself enough to start channeling this chaotic feeling I couldn’t really keep under wraps any other way”. Music really was the only answer. “A lot of how my brain worked came out in the early stuff I was channeling after my episode. It’s just pure chaos which comes through in a lot of the earlier releases.” Old Patterns takes on a more focused, new approach and has mirrored the growth of learning how to navigate the writing process and technical side of recording.

“The key to ORPHAN DONOR is to just let things happen in the moment. Most of the time it’s a lot of happy accidents that are being recorded and just letting go to be free and just disappear in a flow state. Most things are not premeditated. Maybe a few glimpses of a riff or drumbeat. But the magic happens after I hit record and just trust I’ll slip into something that resonates. Pandolfo was really able to take this approach for the vocals and really nailed his performance with only a few listens of the tracks which helps keep the chaotic feel I was going for.”

Old Patterns Track Listing:
1. Hamsteria
2. Salvia Is A Bitch
3. New Patterns
4. Pole Disdain
5. Mind State Dependency
6. Old Stains
7. Planks
8. Body On Fire
9. Profound Loss