SCIENTIST: BrooklynVegan Debuts “(Home) At Last” From Chicago-Based Metal Misfits; The Invisibles-Inspired Barbelith Full-Length Release Day Nears

“…an awesome slab of psychedelic sludge that should appeal to fans of early Mastodon and Baroness.” — BrooklynVegan on “(Home) At Last”

BrooklynVegan is pleased to offer up an exclusive premiere of “(Home) At Last” from Chicago-based metal misfits, SCIENTIST. The band’s latest tune comes by way of their impending new full-length, Barbelith set for release next month. The seven-track offering centers itself thematically on Grant Morrison’s comic book series, The Invisibles where Barbelith is the name of the “placenta” for humanity; a satellite-like object located on the dark side of the moon.

Writes BrooklynVegan of the track, “It’s an awesome slab of psychedelic sludge that should appeal to fans of early Mastodon and Baroness, as well as fans of SCIENTIST‘s peers and collaborators from Chicago. It’s got hints of hardcore punk, trippy atmosphere, and catchy alternative rock in the mix, and the song travels through all these different sounds without ever losing focus. It’s a real heater.”

Adds the band, “Existence is a wheel. Life and death are cyclical. ‘(Home) At Last’ explores the similarities of experience between being born into physical existence and, in dying, being ‘born’ into the afterlife for a brief stay before beginning the cycle of existence once again, told with the imagery of an alien abduction.”

Witness “(Home) At Last,” courtesy of BrooklynVegan, at THIS LOCATION.

Barbelith will be self-released April 13th. Preorders are currently available at the official SCIENTIST Bandcamp page HERE. where you can also sample the record’s title track and “Magick Mirror.”

The complex yet compelling sounds comprising Barbelith were captured by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Jar’d Loose), mixed by Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Corrections House, Minsk, Twilight), and mastered by Alan Douches (Cannabis Corpse, Converge, Torche, Tombs). A true step forward in SCIENTIST‘s eclectic brand of sonic alchemy, Barbelith follows the critically-lauded 10100II00101 offering which earned a spot on Metal Injection’s Top 10 Albums of 2015 list.

SCIENTIST will bring their audio bedlam to stages in the coming weeks with future shows in the plotting stages. See all confirmed shows below.

SCIENTIST w/ Cokegoat, Corridoré:
4/26/2018 Burlington – Chicago, IL
4/27/2018 Quarters – Milwaukee, WI
4/28/2018 The Wisco – Madison, WI

SCIENTIST – featuring founding guitarist/vocalist Eric Plonka (Yakuza), guitarist/vocalist Patrick Auclair (ex -Taken By The Sun), drummer Justin Cape (ex-Taken By The Sun), vocalist Barry Kotarba (Boatman’s Toll), and bassist Mathew Milligan (Making Ghosts) – manufactures elements of sludge, doom, prog, and black metal into something that’s at once, original, organic and all-consuming; an eclectic sound that’s equal parts brutal and transcendental. “It’s not easy to sum up – which is a big part of its attraction,” said No Clean Singing accurately of the band’s output in a 2015 write up, further hailing, “angular, dissonant guitar leads; fat, fuzz-bombed bass notes; interesting, off-kilter drum rhythms; rapidly jabbing riffs… gossamer spinnakers of melody that catch the wind and billow; and brute-force pounding heavy enough to fracture cement…”