SAMAEL: Vinyl Editions Of Rebellion And Eternal To See Release Via Transcending Records; Preorders Available

Transcending Records is pleased to issue limited edition vinyl pressings of Rebellion and Eternal from Swiss blackened experimental metallers, SAMAEL.

Initially released in 1995 via Century Media, Rebellion collected out-takes from the band’s legendary Ceremony Of The Opposites album hinting at the band’s new direction. The EP includes two new tracks, two re-arranged songs, and a rendition of Alice Cooper’s “I Love The Dead.” “Static Journey” and the title track marked the first song SAMAEL recorded with programmed drums. Elaborated AllMusic, “The Rebellion EP served as a tasty morsel of what SAMAEL was about to accomplish musically. Tracks like ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Static Journey’ advanced the Swiss black metal merchants’ experiments with synths and electronic drumbeats, and an amusing cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘I Love The Dead’ added a little variety to boot.” This is one of the first steps in the new path taken by the band after their black metal early days and one of the most unique releases of the genre.

Transcending’s vinyl edition of Rebellion, set for release May 28th, comes in three color variants: standard black, marble (limited to 200 copies), and splatter (limited to 200 copies). Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Eternal is SAMAEL‘s fifth full-length. Initially released in 1999 via Century Media, Eternal was recorded and mixed in Montreux, Switzerland at the world-famous Mountain Studios (which today serves as a museum dedicated to Queen), with late rock producer David Richard (Queen, David Bowie, Iggy Pop). The sound and the overall production of Eternal is very much rooted in the 1970s while the approach of the songs, very contemporary. Rough Edge championed the band’s “electricity-charged, cliché-free romp through darkness,” likening the band’s new sound to, “the eclectic, worldly approach of Peter Gabriel along with the sinister delivery of black metal…The circuitry of Switzerland’s SAMAEL is a little hard to understand at first, but once the taste for this blend of insanity is acquired there is little doubting SAMAEL‘s powerful performance.” The record would take the band on several successful tours including European jaunts with Grip Inc. and Lacuna Coil and US runs with Dimmu Borgir, Monstrosity, and Epoch Of Unlight.

Transcending’s vinyl edition of Eternal, set for release June 25th, also comes in three color variants: standard black, blue/purple galaxy (limited to 200 copies), and purple/black splatter(limited to 200 copies). Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.