DARSOMBRA: Baltimore Psychedelic Duo Releases Call The Doctor/Nightgarden EP; New Album And Live Plans Underway

Baltimore’s enigmatic psychedelic/prog explorers DARSOMBRA present a new two-song EP, Call The Doctor/Nightgarden, surprise-released last week on Bandcamp Friday. The EP bridges the gap between their 2019-issued Transmission LP and its successor, which is currently under construction.

Clocking in at twenty-seven minutes, this brand-new offering from DARSOMBRA still presents the familiar prog-inspired guitar/vocals/synth/percussion galaxy rock that fans around the globe have come to expect from the duo, while also presenting a departure in mood from their previous efforts. “Call The Doctor” is fifteen minutes of high-octane, 120-bpm oscillating dance music, drawing sonic influence from 1970s glam and stadium rock, as well as 1980s electronic dance tracks. Fans of The Who, AC/DC, Whodini, The Beatles, and The Residents are in for a treat in this ecstatic orgy of riffs, runs, choruses, and field recordings.

Bridged to “Call The Doctor” by an aural backdrop of chirping frogs and summertime insects, “Nightgarden” is a ten-minute lullaby, beginning with a spacey, relaxed waltz that progresses into a slow, methodical, patient study of interweaving guitar riffs and twinkling synth-y rambles at 60-bpm before crashing down into a heavy dissonance lest the listener forget to contemplate their mortality, if only for a minute. Both songs are great for zooming around the galaxy, exploring alien planets, or enjoying life here on Earth with the rest of us cosmic jokers.

Tune in and check out DARSOMBRA’s Call The Doctor/Nightgarden EP now at Bandcamp HERE and YouTube HERE.

Find a wide array of DARSOMBRA‘s albums and merch at their webshop HERE.

Watch for a double album from DARSOMBRA to see release in the coming year, which will feature alternate versions of both songs from this single, as well as an array of other tracks composed in COVID-19 quarantine in Baltimore, from March 2020 to 2021.

Also watch for the notorious (and freshly vaccinated) road warriors to safely break out of quarantine for outdoor shows this year, broadcasted online when available, as well as future episodes of Darsombra TV on their YouTube channel HERE.