RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON: Echoes And Dust Premieres “Melting Horizons” Video; Song Features Guest J Robbins + Instrumental Debut Solo Album, Apocalypticism, Out Now On Pax Aeternum

Echoes And Dust is hosting an exclusive video premiere of “Melting Horizons,” the new visuals created for one of the standout tracks on Apocalypticism, the debut album from Coliseum and Fotocrime founder RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON, out now through Pax Aeternum.

Apocalypticism is a bold and exciting new chapter in the storied career of RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON — a musician respected around the globe for his boundless creativity, unique musical perspective, and tireless drive to reach ever-further in his artistic journey. This sonic concept album enables the listener to hear the soundtrack of a film playing in their own imagination.

Apocalypticism was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON at his own House Of Foto Recording Studio in Louisville, Kentucky between 2020 and 2022, with guest guitar contributions from J. Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue) on “Melting Horizons.” The album was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio and completed with photography and design by PATTERSON.

PATTERSON reveals, “‘Melting Horizons’ is the song that led me to embark on the journey of creating this, my first instrumental album. The song was cinematic in a way that was different from the music I was writing for Fotocrime and it led me to explore this wave of experimental and less traditionally structured music. It felt like the theme to an imagined Italian psychedelic sci-fi western movie and Colin Dawson of Haunted Horses made a truly beautiful, animated collage video that perfectly suited the song. ‘Melting Horizons’ also features a bit of guest Jazzmaster twang guitar courtesy of J. Robbins.”

The premiere at Echoes And Dust offers, “This fantastic collection of music is full of brooding and crucial electronic elements and inspiring cinematic soundscapes and sees Patterson exploring all manners of sound and vision.”

Watch RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON’s “Melting Horizons” first at Echoes And Dust RIGHT HERE.

Apocalypticism is out now on Pax Aeternum, streaming in its entirety at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE and all other DSP’s HERE. Watch the previously released video for “Kneel To The Queen” HERE.

Apocalypticism is the debut solo release from Louisville-based musician and visual artist RYAN MICHAEL PATTERSON. Best known for his work with Fotocrime, the post-punk group he currently fronts, and Coliseum, the trailblazing hardcore punk band he founded and led from 2003-2015, PATTERSON steps into thrilling new territory on Apocalypticism.

Inspired equally by the raw and iconic spaghetti western scores by Ennio Morricone and the fizzling crunch of early synth-punk like Suicide and DAF, PATTERSON wrote, performed, and recorded Apocalypticism on his own at his home studio. Created entirely with analog instruments and effects, the album stands apart from the omnipresent generic software synth sounds that pay homage to 1980s soundtracks. Oozing with analog warmth and grit, Apocalypticism presents a unique vision of punk-tinged instrumental songs, ranging from hook-laden themes to tense orchestrated movements. From the first notes of piano through an ancient tape delay, the listener hears the rotating edges of the loop and the crackles of the peeling magnetic tape crossing the echo heads. Throughout the album, jangling Fender Jaguar guitars twang through the pulsing vibrato of Twin Reverb amps while ancient Japanese drum machines throb into deep tube-driven spring reverb tanks.