RUIN LUST: Invisible Oranges Streams “Bestial Magnetism” From NYC Black/Death Crew; Choir Of Babel LP To See March Release Via 20 Buck Spin

Invisible Oranges is hosting a stream of “Bestial Magnetism,” the new single from New York City harsh black/death crew RUIN LUST and their impending Choir Of Babel LP. The album is nearing release in March, their first album for underworld juggernaut 20 Buck Spin.

Recorded and mixed by Travis Bacon, mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio, and completed with artwork by the band, Choir Of Babel promises to be one of the harshest titles ever to be issued under the 20 Buck Spin banner. Whether one classifies this under the banner of death metal, black metal, war metal, or any other extreme metal subgenre, the suffocating savagery of RUIN LUST has no remorse for destruction left in its wake, only more cruelty.

Writes Invisible Oranges with the “Bestial Magnetism” premiere, “Arming themselves with an arsenal of mean, putrid riffs, and enough ardor to level a city, RUIN LUST‘s clear sound and hammered precision sets them apart from the war metal miasma. There is no need for atmospheric blurring or eight-bar drum fills to pass time here: these New Yorkers make compact odes to hate and discomfort.”

Hear “Bestial Magnetism” from RUIN LUST early only through Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.

RUIN LUST‘s Choir Of Babel will be released Friday the 13th of March on LP, CD, cassette, and digital via 20 Buck Spin. Find digital preorders where “Prison Of Sentient Horror” is streaming HERE; physical preorders post at tomorrow.

RUIN LUST will play the third Migration Fest in Pittsburgh this August, joining labelmates Vastum, Obsequiae, Tomb Mold, Ulthar, Immortal Bird, and others, as well as Falls Of Rauros, Kowloon Walled City, Mizmor, and more. Stand by for additional live announcements to take shape.

8/01-02/2020 Migration Fest @ Mr. Small’s Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA [info]

New York City’s RUIN LUST has spent the better part of the last decade spreading a drape of black violence across the dank basement corners of the deepest underground. Though temporarily dormant after their debut, the band returned with new music in 2019 with their Sacrifice album. And now, in 2020, the third RUIN LUST atrocity Choir Of Babel marks the band’s 20 Buck Spin debut.

Thoroughly uncompromising and bestial, Choir Of Babel squanders no time on subtlety, laying waste with barbaric ferocity via a ruthless attack crafted not to disappear in a blur of forgettable noise but devastate with jagged menace and complexity. Visions of blood red bodies in mass graves, piles of broken skulls and decimated fields strewn with carrion pervades the war-like stench of death conducting this primal choir. Fans of Revenge, Archgoat, Mylingar, Of Feather And Bone, Embrace Of Thorns, and Bestial Warlust, take note