ROSES NEVER FADE: New Ballad Of Desolation From Dark Neofolk Trio Now Playing At Cvlt Nation

Cvlt Nation is currently streaming With Each Passing Wave,” the newest ballad of desolation from dark neofolk trio, ROSES NEVER FADE.

The somber ode comes by way of the band’s long-awaited second full-length, Devil Dust, out now on Belgium’s Neuropa Records. Featuring Ancient VVisdom’s Nathan Opposition, The Way To Light’s Austin Rathmell and Pale Creation’s Nick Fiction, Devil Dust was mastered by Paul Logus (Anthrax, Clutch, Hellyeah, Shadows Fall, Satyricon et al) at PLX Mastering in New York City and offers up nearly forty-minute dark, brooding, acoustic-based melancholy marked by its lushly layered, enveloping guitars and stark, chilling lyrical imagery. A fitting audio journey for fans of Agalloch, Death In June, Joy Division, and Tom Waits.

Comments Fiction of With Each Passing Wave,” “This is one of my favorite tracks from the album. When Nate and I were collaborating on this song, he was in Austin and I was here in Ohio. I remember waiting for the tracks to come back from his studio and when I first got this I was truly happy with the outcome. I think it’s a really cool vocal direction and the lyrics cut to the bone.”

Adds Opposition, “This song has a lot of personal meaning. Nick has a way of writing guitar parts that really speak to me and the words and vocals come so naturally. I’ve had a lot of friends pass over to the other side, especially recently. Writing this and all the other despair soaked tracks for ROSES has been a form of therapy for me.”

Gushes Cvlt Nation of Devil Dust as a whole, “This record is so fucking special – it’s full of walls of dirge that shape shift into giant arms of upliftment… the kind of music that empowers me to get through this crazy thing we call life. The voice, music and lyrics you will encounter on ROSES NEVER FADE will stay with you for a lifetime.”

Fade into a wall of sorrow with With Each Passing Wave” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

ROSES NEVER FADE was initially forged by Integrity’s Dwid Hellion, Vegas’s Thorsten Wilhelm, Black Marsh’s Matt Shack and Pale Creation’s Nick Brewer (aka Nick Fiction) with the intent to produce emotive, sad, and stripped down acoustic-based passages. Their debut came in the form of 2006’s Fade To Black. Featuring ten sorrowful hymns of lush acoustic guitars, swelling creepy tones and haunting vocals, Fade To Black has since become a cult classic with other formats surfacing since its original release. The offering was eventually repressed on CD by Neuropa Records, consequently becoming ROSES NEVER FADE‘s official label home. Various incarnations of ROSES NEVER FADE developed and redeveloped with its final cast featuring Fiction alongside Nathan Opposition and Austin Rathmell.

Devil Dust is available via Neuropa Records at THIS LOCATION.