ROMASA: New Orleans-Based Sludge/Crust Trio Featuring Members Of Ossacrux And Witch Burial To Kick Off Spring Tour; Cheering Death Debut Out NOW And Streaming

Photo by Teddie Taylor

“…a relentlessly heavy offering lurching between stomping, swaying riffs, frantic blasting, chaotic d-beats, searing guitar leads, and off-kilter, tremolo-laden atmosphere with effortless ease and all the fury of an enraged orangutan dismembering illegal loggers with a hijacked chainsaw. If you like intense music such as Morbid Angel, Eyehategod and Gehenna, the sort that makes you feel as if you’re being torn asunder, you will love this.” — Astral Noize

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New Orleans, Louisiana-based sludge/crust trio, ROMASA, featuring within its ranks members of Ossacrux And Witch Burial, will kick off a seven-date stretch of live dates this week. The trek will commence March 19th and run through March 26th with additional shows to be announced in the coming weeks. See all confirmed dates below.

ROMASA will be touring in support of their Cheering Death debut, self-released earlier this month. Tracked in two days with James Whitten (Thou, The Body, Ossacrux et al) at his own Hightower Recording Studio and mastered by Brad Boatwright (Gatecreeper, Necrot), Cheering Death spews forth five vile hymns of sonic pessimism centered on a world of excess, apathy, disillusion, and suffering, all swathed in the twisted artwork of Ogi (

Stream Cheering Death in its entirety below.

Cheering Death is out now on digital and cassette formats with a vinyl edition to follow. The cassette edition is limited to 100 copies in random color variations with included lyric booklet. For orders, go to THIS LOCATION.

3/19/2019 Santos – New Orleans, LA w/ Stonecutters
3/21/2019 The Catacombs – Atlanta, GA
3/22/2019 Mag Bar – Louisville, KY
3/24/2019 Casa De Sasha – Urbana, IL w/ Power Of Dusk
3/25/2019 TBA – Nashville, TN w/ Act Of Impalement, Thetan
3/26/2019 Firehouse – Birmingham, AL w/ Heavy User

Conceived in mid-2017 through a New Orleans Craigslist ad, ROMASA – an acronym for Reality Obscures Manic Assessment Sickening Action as well as an Arabic name meaning beautiful, suggesting there is a twisted beauty inherent in filth – was forged as an attempt to apply a unique filter to an amalgamation of crust, sludge, ’90s hardcore, old-school death metal, and post-metal, among various other influences. After quickly recording and releasing a demo cassette in July 2017, the band – drummer Rob Lovell (Ossacrux, Witch Burial, Torture Garden), bassist Samael White (Witch Burial), and guitarist/vocalist Matthew Moorin – took the next year to focus on hitting the road for a handful of short DIY tours in between local gigs with touring acts such as Leeway, Yautja, Cave Of Swimmers, Withered, Ringworm, and Hoods, among others.

“…over the course of five songs, ROMASA builds the crust-infected sludge, galloping d-beats, and rotten vocals into glorious crescendos and squalls of distortion and feedback.” — Decibel

“Few aliases could be as fitting, as their name refers to the unlikely glitter that can be dissected from the grotesque. Indeed, performing the musical equivalent of street fights offset by carnivalesque wonder and an incoming rainstorm is a bit of an acquired taste, at least on paper. The experience of listening, however, makes for a treat for the senses as you feel yourself getting hypnotically pulled through the crowd in different directions.” — Invisible Oranges