ROBOTS AND MONSTERS: Metal Insider Streams Entire Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight EP By New Jersey Hardcore/Metal Quartet

Robots and Monsters 001 - Photo by Selin Bilgin[photo by Selin Bilgin]

As New Jersey-based hardcore/thrash act ROBOTS AND MONSTERS prepares for the independent release of their Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight EP this Friday, Metal Insider is streaming the entire record early.

With its roots tracing to bands including Mucky Pup, The Bloodhound Gang, and more, ROBOTS AND MONSTERS owns a sound that deftly combines the commanding crunch of metal with the groove, punch, and emotion of hardcore and post-hardcore, a trait which finds the band comfortably sharing bills populated with any type of aggressive music. Their upcoming Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight EP follows a concept about battling your own mind, the theme backed by high-energy metal and dosed with old-school hardcore. The seven-song storyline was recorded at Portrait Recording Studios with engineer John Ferrara, mastered by Chris Badami, and features art by bassist Bill Bergmann.

Alongside an interview with ROBOTS AND MONSTERS on the new EP, the New Jersey metal scene, and more, Metal Insider is streaming Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight at THIS LOCATION.

ROBOTS AND MONSTERS will independently release the Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight EP on CD and digital formats this Friday, September 2nd; preorders are available HERE.

Robots And Monsters EP cover