REPROACHER: Wyoming Audio Terrorists Detonate New Full-Length

Wyoming powerviolence-seared hardcore audio terrorists recently dropped their latest self-released full-length upon unsuspecting ears. Titled Nothing To Save, the band’s misanthropic sophomore release delivers 11 merciless tracks of metallic hardcore mixed with rumbling blasts of low-end vocal snarls. Nothing to Save was recorded in 4 days in January 2013 in Salt Lake City by Andy Patterson (Gaza, Call of the Void), at the Boar’s Nest. Mastering was done by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Featuring a current member of Denver doom deviants Primitive Man, REPROACHER breed hate and disease through sonic decimation.

Sample angst laden and chronically intense second track “Casemate” at THIS LOCATION. Collect your teeth later.

Elaborates vocalist Joel of the track: “I was listening to an episode of Radio Lab where the topic was theories of consciousness after death, which I think is bullshit, and this guy, David Eagleman, described it as a place where ‘moments do not endure.’ In life, moments do endure. Things that happened in an instant years and miles away stretch out and follow me around wherever I go. A ‘casemate’ is a small space in something like the wall of an ancient city or a fortress which functions as an armored enclosure during battle or for storage. As I come to terms with my past failures and losses, I am increasingly skeptical and pessimistic and I think I just don’t try to connect with people anymore. It turns to shit every time and I don’t have anyone to blame but myself. I put up barriers to vulnerability and I thought a ‘casemate’ was a decent metaphor. It sucks during the times I’m lonely, but I just endure my days and carry on.”

The band plans to take their nihilism to the streets this summer for 40 live assaults through the US alongside Primitive Man. Having previously shared stages with the likes of Trap Them, Full of Hell, Iron Lung, Low Sky, The Body, Heartless, Dead in the Dirt, Weekend Nachos, Gaza, Bird Eater, Early Graves, Bastard Feast, Pray for Teeth, Centuries, Bone Dance, Call of the Void, Code Orange Kids, Former Thieves, Touche Amore, Eagle Twin, and many others, REPROACHER‘s live show is a deafening wall of noise that conveys the angst-filled desolation of Western isolation and aggression. Further touring details to be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, suffer.

REPROACHER began in late 2009 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Formed from the remnants of dissolved local bands, Joel joined TJ and Jarret and produced two demos in 2010. Jon joined in late 2010 and the band began writing and touring more seriously. After a handful of shows in March 2011, REPROACHER travelled to Salt Lake City to record a self-titled album with Andy Patterson, which was self-released. The band did two west coast tours with Denver grinders Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and Death Of Self. REPROACHER later recorded a Tour Demo in October of 2011 with Patterson once again which was released via Dimlight Records. In the summer of 2012, REPROACHER drove coast to coast in a 38-day US tour.

Nothing to Save Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Casemate
3. Sophists
4. Averse Arrest
5. Ballast
6. Marginal Being
7. Repose
8. The Champion is Fucked
9. A New Dark Age
10. Crippled Wolves
11. New Skin

Joel: Vocals
TJ: Guitars
Jon: Bass
Jarret: Drums