HARABALL: Norwegian Hardcore/Punk Crew Breaks Out An Extremely Cold New Video

To celebrate their new single “Well, That Passed,” the opening track to their upcoming debut album, Sleep Tall, Norwegian hardcore punks HARABALL teamed up movie directors Kimm Saatvedt and Thomas Ekstrøm to shoot the only group that compares with HARABALL when it comes to stubbornness and style: The arctic fakirs of The Norwegian Polar Bear Club. The video was shot on location in the Norwegian countryside; no actors, no tricks… just real bodies and real ice!

HARABALL is the result of the joyful friction that arises when cocky ex-straightedgers meet highbrow elitist punks, unloading a sharp and ultra-consistent style of old-school hardcore. And now the Norwegian hardcore punk outfit is preparing to unleash their debut album, Sleep Tall, on CD, LP and digital download May 28th via Fysisk Format. With fifteen tracks written with the principle of “maximum musical energy effect per second,” each loaded riff was dissected and reconstructed until they became the musical shockwaves to be witnessed on Sleep Tall, the record’s lyrics focusing on the frustrations of everyday life. HARABALL recorded Sleep Tall in the legendary Crystal Canyon Studios themselves, with guitarist Trond Mjøen behind the mixing board. The album’s artwork was conceived by Esra Caroline Røise who also did the artwork for the two first 7″. In Esra the classic hardcore illustrators Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag, Minutemen) and Tesco Vee (Meatmen) have found a sister in spirit. Fysisk Format has also included the tracks from both of the band’s previous 7″ releases, adding eight bonus tracks to the melee!

Stay tuned for the dates to HARABALL‘s upcoming June European tour with label cohorts Haust and more.