PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT: From Crotch To Crown Streaming From Beginning To End Courtesy Of Decibel Magazine

On the eve of its imminent unveiling, today Decibel Magazine vomits forth a full stream of From Crotch To Crown, the latest long player from Dutch death metal miscreants, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT.

Their first full-length proper since 2008’s devious Descendants Of Depravity opus, From Crotch To Crown offers a meticulously executed meld of old-school death metal grit with modern, technical riff incursions and a treasure trove of debauched lyrical twists. Currently reaping the affection of valiant critics nationwide and abroad, in an 8/10 rating, MetalStorm calls From Crotch To Crown the band’s “most consistent and balanced album yet,” further adding that it’s PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT‘s, “most melodic output to date, featuring a slew of brief (yet purposeful) solos and a definite focus on upbeat and catchy riffs. The result of this combination of melody and brutality is a complete and even somewhat diversified experience considering the nature of the genre. All of this is augmented by ceaseless blistering drums, blasting their way from beginning to end.” Decibel dubs From Crotch…, “machete music. Just complete and utter death metal destruction,” HeavyBlogIsHeavy crowns it, “a hefty 40-minute slice of honest, no frills aural violence,” while Sea of Tranquility gushes in a 4/5 score, “From Crotch to Crown just crushes from start to finish, and the lyrical content is even more grotesque this time around… a no-brainer for anyone into gore soaked technical death metal.” Adds Metal Injection, “it’s gory, brutal death metal in the vein of Carcass that will kick your ass up and down the morgue.”

Soil your ears with the sounds of From Crotch To Crown, brought to you by Decibel, at THIS LOCATION.

From Crotch To Crown was recorded in multiple locations throughout The Netherlands including Split Second Sound Studio in Amsterdam, guitarist Frank Schiphorst’s home studio in Zwolle, guitarist Martijn Moes’ home studio in Meppel and Final Focus Studio in Tilburg, and was re-amped, mixed and mastered by Yuma Van Eekelen and Bart Hennephof (also at Final Focus). The end product oozes forty-one heinous minutes of the band’s sickest, most instrumentally refined and unapologetically sadistic material to date.

From Crotch To Crown will be released via Willowtip Records on February 4, 2014. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.