POLYPHOZIA: Suitcase Of Voices Full-Length Now Streaming At Circuit Sweet; Debut Album By Wenzhou, China-Based Grunge/Rock Trio Sees Release Friday Through Nefarious Industries

photo by Roman Meisenberg

As Wenzhou, China-based rock trio POLYPHOZIA prepares to release their Suitcase Of Voices debut album through Nefarious Industries this Friday, the entire album is now streaming early through an exclusive feature hosted by Circuit Sweet.

Suitcase Of Voices showcases POLYPHOZIA‘s fusion of grunge, shoegaze, and progressive rock. The band seamlessly weaves the record’s ten tracks together in a narrative dealing with the aftermath of a relationship-ending argument. Suitcase Of Voices was recorded by the band members at several studios, their homes, and more throughout Wenzhou during the Spring and Summer of 2019, giving the album a very rich, organic sound. The record was mixed by David Klug at David Klug Studio and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

Circuit Sweet’s advance stream of Suitcase Of Voices is paired with a detailed track-by-track breakdown of the album. Adds POLYPHOZIA guitarist/vocalist Christopher Henry, “Suitcase Of Voices is a twisty album of internal conflict, but we hope when people hear it they’ll get a well-deserved break from the voices in their head.”

Listen to POLYPHOZIA’s Suitcase Of Voices early only at Circuit Sweet RIGHT HERE.

Nefarious Industries will release Suitcase Of Voices on all digital platforms this Friday, November 13th. Find preorders HERE.

Watch for new videos and more from Suitcase Of Voices and POLYPHOZIA to be issued over the weeks ahead.

POLYPHOZIA is a grunge/post-rock trio uniting guitarist/vocalist Christopher Henry (also of Fuck Your Birthday, Humans Etcetera), bassist Zim Chen, and drummer Logan Long. The fairly new band is already known throughout China, having performed live throughout the past few years, including several major festivals and more. Locally, the band is known as Pàfánzá (pinyin), which translates to, “afraid of complication.” However, there has been no attempts to keep it simple. POLYPHOZIA‘s sprawling song structures are filled with lavish high points, roomy lows, unhurried build-ups, sudden halts, garage-rock clamor, and moments of ethereal wonder. As a band of American and Chinese nationals, having conflicting cultures and languages plays a prominent role in songwriting and stylistic sensibility.