POISONING WAVE: New Track From Project Featuring Members Of Agalloch And Eye Of Nix Now Playing At Treble

Stream / Share POISONING WAVE’s “As Fog In Sunlight” at Treble at THIS LOCATION.

POISONING WAVE is a new project created by Jason Walton (Agalloch, Sculptured, Snares Of Sixes) and Joy Von Spain (Eye Of Nix, To End It All), bringing together elements of dark ambient, noise, and vocal music. Combining electronics, guitar, bowed steel with both melodic and harsh vocals, the duo creates an intimate rumination upon tragic themes.

Debut single, “As Fog In Sunlight,” currently streaming at Treble, is the first in a series of pieces to be created in a remote collaborative setting. All proceeds from this song’s release will benefit The Bail Project, a national revolving bail fund and critical tool to prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities within the bail system by restoring the presumption of innocence, reuniting families, and challenging a system that criminalizes race and poverty.

Comments Jason Walton, “Amidst the pandemic and the blatant, horrific displays of systemic racism in America this year, I was feeling helpless and despondent. I had been working on a few albums but wanted to do something different. I was experimenting with guitars, synths, and various electronics in a way I hadn’t really done before. Upon wrapping up this first track, the news of the killing of Seattle protester Summer Taylor reached me and impacted me greatly. I then revisited this track and made it angrier, more visceral and at that point knew I wanted to ask Joy Von Spain to collaborate with me on this.”

Adds Von Spain, “The spirit-laden environment created by Jason in this piece illustrated to me both sorrow and despair, inspiring these lyrics in memory of those who’ve lost their lives in the ongoing battle for racial justice and equal rights. While compelled to sing a lament for those killed and injured, this moment called also for rage at the perpetrators of these horrific acts who typically experience little or no personal repercussions. While we tread a treacherous path throughout the piece, in the resolution of the song we can find a moment of solemn meditation.”

Writes Treble, “The track is a haunting juxtaposition of avant garde drone, noise and dark ambient with Von Spain’s expressive, gothic vocals. It feels every bit as heavy and powerful as the musicians’ other bands, but delivered without the specific conventions of metal–it’s graceful and mournful, but still leaves an impact.”

Stream POISONING WAVE’s “As Fog In Sunlight” at Treble at THIS LOCATION.

To purchase the single, visit the POISONING WAVE Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.