PLUM GREEN: Everything Is Noise Premieres “Walk Against The Wind” Video From Melbourne-Based Ambient Dream Folk Conjuror; Somnambulistic Full-Length To See Release This Friday Via Nefarious Industrious

Photo by Zach Salar

Ambient dream folk conjuror PLUM GREEN today reveals her latest video for “Walk Against The Wind.” Now playing at Everything Is Noise, the track comes off her gorgeous Somnambulistic full-length, set for release this Friday, September 17th via Nefarious Industries.

“It’s a serenade of gentle courage and resilience for those making a difficult decision,” describes GREEN of the concept behind the track.

Writes Everything Is Noise, “‘Walk Against the Wind’ captures many of the elements that make the record as enjoyable as it is. PLUM GREEN employs haunting melodies, gentle acoustic instrumentation, and cinematic sound design to create a song that is both eerie and emotive… Showing a central character struggling through a desert journey, we see the title of the song evoked visually. With its desert setting, the video furthers the impact of the minimalist arrangement of the track in communicating a sense of isolation and reflection.”

View PLUM GREEN’s “Walk Against The Wind” at Everything Is Noise HERE.

Somnambulistic is a stirring collection of dark lullabies. Each of its nine tracks ebb and flow with otherworldly grace manifesting one pulsing dream narrative. The concept behind the album was to build something comforting: a mammoth protection spell against the horrors of the world without completely ignoring them; a journey through grief and sorrow and out into the light on the other side. Guided by guitar, GREEN’s voice travels through walls of bowed soundscapes. A variety of different instruments are featured including classical string arrangement and the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, which is said to be the largest musical instrument in the Southern Hemisphere.

Produced and mixed by Daniel J. Cross at The Pool Room in Melbourne, Australia with string quartet engineered by Jesse Oberin at Crosstown Studios, Somnambulistic also features collaborators Tonal Noir from Macedonia and Valentina Veil (VV & The Void) from Berlin.

View GREEN’s previously released video for “White Kitten” at THIS LOCATION and “People Of The Snow” at THIS LOCATION.

Somnambulistic will be available on LP and digital formats. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Born in a squat in England, raised in New Zealand, and presently residing in Australia, PLUM GREEN combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark and moving lyrical prose. GREEN’s voice aches with the ocean’s desire to connect and divide. Summoning ghosts, lovers, and other creatures of the night, GREEN‘s poignant hymns are at once deep, haunting, and alluring.

However, it is within the live setting where PLUM GREEN truly comes into her own. Performances take on the quality of a ritual journey into darkness, delivering listeners safely back in the sunlight on the other side. Her shows are intimate affairs where time seems to draw to a standstill, her sheer ability to hold an audience with just her voice and a guitar something that must be witnessed in person to truly comprehend. Accompanied by guitarist Daniel Cross, there is an intensity to the proceedings with the pair often working together in a subconscious state of euphonious symbiosis

“…by far PLUM GREEN‘s best effort to date. It’s dark, poetic, alluring. A tempting yet slightly sinister listen. It will beguile you. The music is exquisitely crafted and seeps into the soundtrack of your subconscious.” – Ambient Light

“The passage from discomfort through catharsis is insistently intimate, largely featuring acoustic arrangement and a short-distanced vocal which is unadorned, unmanipulated for the most part… The artist plays the role of confidant well but doesn’t forget to sustain her performative folk cadence, pushing things along and keeping the vibe malleable from song to song for the sake of a larger emotional progression.” – Grizzly Butts

“…a haunting, dreamlike folk song in the vein of Marissa Nadler and Hope Sandoval, which comes with an equally hypnotic video.” – BrooklynVegan on “People Of The Snow”

“Dark, sensuous and deeply literate.” – The Courier (AU)

“…walking a line between dark rock-edged material (channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison’s poetics and Patti Smith and mysterious folk-like ballads, GREEN rarely falls into the trap of the familiar…” – Alsewhere

“…sexuality with the scent of darkness and a twisted knife… Her songs are full of snakes and darkness and rain and emptiness and terror and paranoia.” – Witchdoctor