PISSED REGARDLESS: Decibel Magazine Debuts “Lipstick On A Pig” As Feed The Birds EP Nears Release Through Creator-Destructor Records


As San Diego-based crossover/thrash outfit PISSED REGARDLESS prepares for the Creator-Destructor Records release of their Feed The Birds 7″ in early February, Decibel Magazine has debuted the raging new single, “Lipstick On A Pig.”

“Musically, this song really encompasses all the material on Feed The Birds,” states the band. “While it still holds true to the PISSED REGARDLESS sound it also brings out some new elements in our musical development. Lyrically, it describes a feeling of total displacement from all other humans; realizing your own irrelevance and not giving a fuck about the expected social status society almost forces you to have.”

With their premiere of the track, Decibel offers, “‘Lipstick On A Pig’ is a rousing, fast-paced track that will get the blood pumping…”

Get your dose of PISSED REGARDLESS and stream the track HERE.

Also stream the track “Empty” HERE.

The Feed The Birds 7″ will see release through Creator-Destructor Records on February 9th; find colored vinyl preorders at the label webshop HERE.

Formed in 2013, PISSED REGARDLESS was founded with the intent of writing vicious crossover punk/hardcore thrash metal, the band bearing a special talent at composing ripping fast, to-the-point hardcore that displays the outfit’s punk and grind influences on its sleeve. The result is a contagious burst of heaviness that’ll have most headbangers rejoicing in no time, as proven on their previous two full-length albums – 2013’s self-titled album and 2015’s Force Fed Gods. The new Feed The Birds 7″ crushes with five brand new tracks of thrashing metallic madness, sure to please fans of the 1990s Earache death/grind persuasion and 1980s punk/hardcore alike.