PISS VORTEX: Self-Titled Debut LP By Copenhagen-Based Quartet Now Grinding Via Invisible Oranges

Now playing in its gut-wrenching entirety through Invisible Oranges is the filthy self-titled debut LP from Copenhagen, Denmark-based caustic grinders, PISS VORTEX.

With twenty-three minutes of the band’s destructive, modernized and dissonance-fueled next-level grindcore soaking the vile album, PISS VORTEX‘s hectic tour de force in relentless creativity and off-the-wall musicianship here melds elements baring semblance at times to Antigama, Deadguy, Gorguts, Napalm Death, Discordance Axis, Rotten Sound and others, but in their own demented delivery. The album was produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Lack, Rising, Anti Ritual) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, High On Fire, Nails). Indisciplinarian will release Piss Vortex in one week, on November 3rd, and in advance celebration of its impact, Invisible Oranges is hosting the album’s exclusive public “streaming.”

Stream Piss Vortex all over the place at THIS LOCATION.

A supply of the black vinyl version of Piss Vortex, limited to 350 copies, is available exclusively in the US via Earsplit Distro HERE, and both the black and limited piss yellow vinyl in a run of 150 copies via Indisciplinarian’s webshop HERE, as well as all relevant digital platforms.

The weekend following its release, a Piss Vortex release and listening party will take place in Copenhagen, Saturday, November 8th at local drinkmonger, Escobar. Additionally, the band has been added to a crushing mini-festival in Copenhagen, KBH Hardcore, collecting underground Danish hardcore/grindcore heavyweights Llnn, Église, Whorls, No Fealty in addition to PISS VORTEX, taking place December 19th also in Copenhagen. Additional Winter/Spring tour dates will be confirmed soon.

11/08/2014 Escobar – Copenhagen, DK – Piss Vortex release/listening party [info]
12/19/2014 KBH Hardcore – KB18, Copenhagen, DK [info]

“…25 minutes of lo-fi, unashamedly filthy music that fans of Nails, Pyrrhon and Today Is The Day could quite happily put differences aside to sit down and enjoy. Something wicked this way comes, all the way from Denmark… For a debut album from a band with less than 500 likes on Facebook, Piss Vortex runs the risk of being criminally overlooked. These Danish genre dodgers play their own brand of fucked up sludge that is as aggressive as it is atmospheric and as virile as it is violent. 4.5/5” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“They recorded the album live over the course of three days to give it the sense of chaotic immediacy that it so clearly conveys, and they composed and performed it in a way that packs a vibrant and vitriolic punch.” – No Clean Singing

“…Piss Vortex’s version of grindcore is disfigured and purely deranged. The album’s 14 tracks seem to have been ripped from the pages of Steeve Hurdle-era Gorguts and fed through an aggressive grind and chaotic hardcore filter… another album that pushes the limitations of grindcore. Simply labeling Piss Vortex a grindcore album only scratches the surface.” – American Aftermath

“The Gorguts influences keep you on your toes, and the blistering grind mentality wil have you fighting the urge for destruction throughout the album. 8/10.” – Dead Rhetoric