PARTY.SAN Open Air 2011 Update: Triptykon, Gorguts, Enslaved, Exhumed + Cliteater Added To The Bill!

TRIPTYKON – Raised from the ashes of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, by mastermind Tom Gabriel Fischer himself, PARTY.SAN 2011 is proud and honored to announce the addition of TRIPTYKON to its expanding bill of bands. Hell literally broke loose with the release of the band’s Eparistera Daimone debut. Pitch black and truly evil music for devoted fans of extreme metal.

GORGUTS from Canada recently joined the PARTY.SAN bill. A death metal dinosaur of sorts, the band formed in 1989 and, having survived a host of trends, tragedies and breakups, are still going strong today. GORGUTS will present to you a technical and extremely furious death metal show you will never forget.

ENSLAVED are easily among Norway’s finest bands. The progressive black/Viking metal ensamble has remained dark and innovative for their two-decade-long existence and will bring their monolithic blackness to the PARTY.SAN 2011 stage.

EXHUMED – Excreting their malignant essence onto an unsuspecting metal scene back in 1998 with their confrontational debut, Gore Metal, EXHUMED have since become synonymous with the genre they helped brand. Their signature sound, a savage blend of snarling, grinding, down-tuned guitars, alternately abrasively screeched and grotesquely gurgled vocals, and pummeling, straightforward drumming, have become universally recognized as the hallmarks of the style now known as gore metal. To be more precise: EXHUMED are essentially the bastard Californian children of the great Carcass. See them live at PARTY.SAN!

CLITEATER – We are happy to announce the participation of dutch grinders CLITEATER at PARTY.SAN 2011. If you are a fan of Dead Infection, Necrony or Mortician, this band is for you. Expect a wave of grinding madness! These guys don’t exit the sateg without leaving a bloody mess. Grind deluxe!

Also on the PARTY.SAN 2011 bill:

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PARTY.SAN is an annual metal festival founded in 1996 as an open air birthday party with several local bands. Due to troubles with the public order office the official open air, called Endsommer-Festival, had to be delayed from August to September. Nevertheless the first festival took place unofficially in August, thus there were two open air festivals that year. In the years to follow, festival was held the second weekend in August and has grown to accommodate more than 10,000 visitors and prides itself on showcasing extreme metal’s finest acts. PARTY.SAN 2011 will run from August 11 – 13, 2011 at Flugplatz Obermehler in Schlotheim, Germany.