Exile On Mainstream Records: New Signing And Release Update

RISING Signs With Exile On Mainstream

German label Exile On Mainstream is thrilled to announce the signing of Danish metallers RISING! The band will enter the studio to record the forthcoming debut album with producer Jacob Reichert Nielsen at the end of March, and we will release RISING’s debut album in Europe and North America in late October 2011.

Since the release of the band’s debut EP in 2010 it has been both great and hectic for the band, with much time invested in writing and playing new material, and touring heavily. When Exile On Mainstream’s staff first met the band in Copenhagen, supporting Celan, they were instantly blown away. RISING were invited to play the label’s massive South Of Mainstream Festival 2010, and on the spot they agreed to EoM’s offer to release the band’s debut album.

A Copenhagen-based three-piece, RISING create their own brand of heavy, aggressive, atmospheric, yet melodic metal. Since forming in 2008, the band has sought to incorporate all virtues of good music: passion, vibe, energy, atmosphere and yes, firm musicianship and song writing. Stylistically, the band incorporates metal, ’70s hard rock, progressive and psychedelic rock, punk, sludge and more, creating music for the sake of MUSIC rather than submerging to any stylistic dogma, scene or specific genre.

The trio have been busy, having received a nomination at the Danish Metal Awards 2009 as “Best Metal Talent,” a performance at Roskilde Festival 2010, two full European tours in March and September 2010 (both with EOM stalwarts Beehoover) covering a good part of the continent, as well as many tour dates in Ireland, Sweden and their homeland Denmark.

Stay tuned for more updates on RISING through 2011.



Other upcoming releases from Exile On Mainstream:

Already known for their spaced-out, sci-fi inspired brand of psychedelia, Quadrant sets a new pace to ASTROSONIQ’s never ending trip into the realms of rock’s history. Knee-deep in a space-jam wonderland they wander through the tides of contemporary rock with ten anthems of sheer class, matured through their 10 years of history together as a band. This is ASTROSONIQ at their absolute best; pummeling drums, pounding bass lines, powerful riffs and effect-laden vocals, with more experimental and challenging elements than ever before, while still maintaining their hallmark sound. Quadrant is out in North America February 22, 2011.

The music of WIVE pulls from and fuses together a broad range of musical elements, including classical composition, electronic/glitch, melodic pop nostalgia and minimalist sensibilities. Quickly swinging from piano-lead waltzes to massive synth washes to straight-ahead melodic hooks, WIVE creates an aesthetic that is both somber and hopeful. The recording of PVLL took place in various living rooms, basements, garages and closets in several locations as time, space, and temperature would allow. Utilizing the internet to bridge the gap between the members spread throughout Minnesota, the compositions were relayed back and forth to be honed, refined, dismissed or created, and then polished in a live room. PVLL is out in North America February 22, 2011.

THE ANTIKAROSHI | Per/son/alien

Per/son/alien is the THE ANTIKAROSHI’s way of telling stories by using only fragments or short lyrics. Having grown up in the East German punk/hardcore underground and raised by direct in-your-face lyrics, with subtleties not to stir up governmental attention, THE ANTIKAROSHI try to figure out where they stand now, over 20 years later. Approaching this culture and their music with the knowledge of these circumstances, THE ANTIKAROSHI admit that whatever is created will be just a trace – the bit within the byte. So the three-piece delivers an album full of struggles, inner conflict and uncompromising emotion. The sound is deeply rooted in post-rock back and the DC punk/hardcore explosion in the 90’s and even recalls many cherished records from the Touch & Go roster. Per/son/alien is out in North America March 8, 2011.

BEEHOOVER | Concrete Catalyst

The BEEHOOVER of 2010 are unstoppable. More potent than ever is the unclassifiable GERMAN duo’s attack, as they’ve honed to precision their unique combination of bass, drums and vocals, capture/release rhythms, the call and response between the two members, and those incredible riffs… Concrete Catalyst now sees the band elaborating their songwriting into unexpected finesse. Prog-laden textures create distinct walls of sound within the raging riffery, culminating into a monolithic album that is so much more than just a collection of songs, yet was recorded and mixed by the band in their own rehearsal room/studio in less than 30 hours. Concrete Catalyst is out in North America March 8, 2011.

WINO | Adrift

The first acoustic solo album from doom legend Scott “Wino” Weinrich, Adrift is easily the man’s most personal and powerful material to date. Stripped down to the bare minimum – just his voice and his guitar – the songs on Adrift follow classic American songwriting ideals offering a compelling mixture of emotion and storytelling. Wino is a man on his own in a boat without sails. He’s fighting against tides and storms, enjoying the moments of bright sunshine; bound to the will of something external – the wind, destiny and the drift. The twelve tracks on Adrift help elevate this already iconic musician to a new level of storytelling, setting Wino up to fall right in line with greats like Johnny Cash, Woodie Guthrie, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and other classic American songwriters. Adrift is out in North America March 8, 2011.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming releases from CONNY OCHS, THE WINCHESTER CLUB, END OF LEVEL BOSS and more from Exile On Mainstream throughout the year! Promo copies of the new albums from ASTROSONIQ, WIVE, THE ANTIKAROSHI, BEEHOOVER and WINO are available now, as well as interviews with all of the mentioned artists.