PARANOID: Satyagraha Album By Swedish Hardcore Punk Band Out Now Via Southern Lord

Paranoid press_web [photo by Ville Puumala][photo by Ville Puumala]

偏執症者 (PARANOID)‘s 2015 album Satyagraha is out now on CD and LP format via Southern Lord. Comprised of ten biting and unremitting sonic assaults, Satyagraha offers up a diverse yet essential dose of d-beat. Finding itself on an array of end-of-year lists, and stealing the No.1 spot on Cvlt Nation’s Top Six D-Beat Releases of 2015, this album demanded the band’s full fury and whole souls. Therefore, you are implored to listen at maximum volume to ensure Satyagraha burns into your psychosis.

Satyagraha is the first full-length album by 偏執症者 (PARANOID), the album recorded in Empire Studio, Frösön, Sweden, between December 2014 and February 2015. Engineering and production duties came from Jocke D-takt, with the album mixed and mastered at Noise Room, Tokyo, Japan by Shigenori Kobayashi. The original release came from D-takt and Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher, with cassette versions available from Sub//Par and Lockyard Records. Guest musicians include Nils Landin (backup vocals on “Kaihou”), Johan Landin (guitar solos on “Nangijala”), and Christian Augustin (digital noise). Artwork comes courtesy of Andrew Morgan (Viral Age Records) and Jocke D-takt, with Japanese translations provided by Motokazu Tsukuda.

偏執症者 (PARANOID) is a Swedish hardcore/raw-punk/metal band from Frösön/Östersund, formed in 2012. The foundation of the band’s savagery is in the Disclose-inspired noise blended with Venom-styled black metal, conjuring a destructive vortex of violently rotating northern winds of head banging chaos and pure D-beat fury. However, their adoration for Japanese hardcore is blindingly evident too. Stitched together, this intense sound combines the best traditions of Swedish råpunk and loud Japanese insanity.

The band’s output also includes the demo Hardcore Addict (Distort the World – 2012), Destroy Future Less System (Konton Crasher; D-Takt, Råpunk Records – 2014), Punkdemonium Hell (self-released; Viral Age Recs – 2015), and their 2015 12″ split with Absolut, Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation (Beach Impediment Records, Brain Solvent Propaganda; Phobia Records; Crucificados Pelo Sistema).

Satyagraha is out now via Southern Lord, and streaming in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

Following the Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation West Coast North American Tour with Absolut, 偏執症者 (PARANOID) will perform at Storsjöyran festival on July 30th. Stand by for further updates on the band to be announced in the coming weeks.

“This crust/metal combination really gives the songs a fresh and vital feel, by pushing what can be a constricting genre into new territory. Add on some cracking, melodic guitar leads and licks and PARANOID have really created something unique in Satyagrhaha. We await it’s follow up with baited breath. 8/10.” – Down For Life Magazine

“Bolstered by one of the gnarliest, fuzziest and downright filthiest guitar tones we’ve ever heard on a D-beat record…the band’s manic energy, untamed bursts of lead guitar, reverb drenched vocals and utterly raging drumming make for one of the most savage punk albums of recent times. Essential. 8.5/10” – Terrorizer

“If you’re looking for a brutal combination of past and present d-beat, then look no further than this record. Whether you’re the old guy at the bar with the Discharge tattoo, or the 14 year-old who just discovered punk, PARANOID will bring out your inner discontent.” – Cvlt Nation

“Beneath the howls, brain-razing static and wildly flailing solos are actual, honest-to-god songs, meaning this one’ll not just have you destroying everything in your path but humming a merry tune while you do so. Amazing!” – Collective Zine

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