OvO: Italian Avant-Doom Duo Complete First Official Video

Italian duo OvO have just unleashed their first official video, filmed for the track “Marie,” which falls from the band’s latest full-length creation of off-kilter and unclassifiable heavy rock, Cor Cordium. Inspired by horror B-movies, the “Marie” video was shot in the belly of Berlin’s fetish/bondage performance scene under the supervision of Italian director/filmmaker Mauro Diciocia. Experience the madness:

Ovo – Marie from Rockit on Vimeo.

Having just returned from an intensive European tour, OvO will continue to book more live dates throughout the rest of the year in support of Cor Cordium, including a trip to the US in the Autumn months.

Released in North America on April 18th via Italian label Supernatural Cat Records, the diverse ten-track opus Cor Cordium is an epitaph to the memory of idolized English Romantic poet and adventurer Percy Shelley. OvO personify their own unique D.I.Y. style of contaminated heavy rock, where noise elements act as breaks between the sonic deconstructive assaults. Cor Cordium presents a rational structure hidden under the apparent madness of the compositions. OvO have played over 600 shows since their inception at the turn of the century, their travels having taken them from Europe to Mexico, from America to Israel… so far.

“Not for the faint of heart, but then again, most real art is like that: it challenges you to make sense of it according to your own life and beliefs, and either ignore it or change because of it. This is that real. 9/10” – Foxy Digitalis

“Some of the tracks on Cor Cordium hit like a burst of nerve gas–but others, like the insidiously beautiful and incantatory “Marie,” infect you virally. By the time the noise and beats start to bludgeon, it’s too late to escape.” – The Onion A.V. Club

“This record thankfully pays off in spades, with shrieking black metal vocals intertwining with bass-driven noise and relentless pounding beats. 8/10” – Montreal Mirror

“…there is a purpose to Cor Cordium and that is to get you outside of your comfort zone and make you appreciate an art form that goes against the grain.” – Metal Assault