ORYX / LANGUISH: Battleground Records Sets April Release Date For Devastating Split LP; New Track Playing At Cvlt Nation

ORYX worshiper07.30.2014-1

Battleground Records has confirmed April 1st for the release of the devastating split LP from Denver slow burners, ORYX, and Tucson grind rippers, LANGUISH, and today a brand new track from the ORYX side has been let out of the cage with a premiere of “The Singularity.”

An ultra-murky quagmire of low-end psychedelic thunder which any sludge-seeker frequenting the earlier revved up ripping of High On Fire catalog, Ufomammut’s more upbeat tracks, or the corrosive Corrupted catalog is what to expect with the lumbering track, of which Cvlt Nation offers, “I’m always amazed when a two-piece rocks harder than a 4 or 5-piece band. Denver’s ORYX know how to bring the pain with their colossal sound that shakes the listener to their core!”

Hear ORYX’ “The Singularity” at Cvlt Nation now at THIS LOCATION.

A trailer for the split is also playing HERE.

Created in the tradition of classic underground split releases of the ’90s where grindcore, powerviolence, punk, crust, sludge, and noise acts paired together, the ORYX/LANGUISH split LP will see release through Battleground Records on April 1st in a run of 300 copies on 180-gram black wax including a digital download. Preorders will be released in the coming days.

Denver-based ORYX, who recently brought their gutter-dredging brew of doom/sludge metal to the Mile High City from Las Cruces, New Mexico last year, dominate side A with three bludgeoning tracks, the band’s first new material to see release since the band’s 2014-released Widowmaker debut LP. A meager duo, drummer Abbey Apple and guitarist/vocalist Tommy Davis deliver a full backline’s worth of damage live and on record, swelling with dynamic excursions through the slow-motion realms of demolition. ORYX floods the listener with a deluge of downtuned amplification, polluted quicksand, toxic garbage and broken hopes, bringing to mind the works of, Grief, Electric Wizard, Corrupted, and so on. The band has toured regionally and performed with the likes of Inter Arma, Yautja, Catheter, -16-, Mantar, Sea Of Bones, Mutilation Rites, Godhunter, Mothership, North and many others, and has performed at Southwest Terror Fest, Seven One Grind Fest and more.

LANGUISH was started in early 2014 by drummer Zack Hansen and guitar player Matt Mutterperl of Tucson doom/sludge band North. Sean Mears of Tucson/Phoenix-based Territory and Gatecreeper was brought in for vocals followed by Gatecreeper guitar player Eric Wagner joining in on bass and backup vocals. The group recorded their debut album Extinction with local engineer/producer Ryan Bram (Sex Prisoner, Godhunter, Territory, Prom Body) in November 2014, the record released digitally and on cassette, after which Bram stepped in to play bass after Eric left. While sharing similar tonal devastation values as their A-Side counterparts on the split, LANGUISH opts for a much more rabid delivery, deploying a caustic crust/grind attack with opposing guttural/scathing vocal attacks and waves of d-beatings for diehards of Excruciating Terror, Phobia, Disfear, Disrupt and Driller Killer, this split seeing Extinction pressed to vinyl for the first time. LANGUISH has appeared alongside Ufomammut, Serial Hawk, Cult Leader, Homewrecker, Sex Prisoner, Nothing, Usnea, Cloakroom, and opened for Sleep at the 2015 Southwest Terror Fest IV at the historic Rialto Theatre.