ORTHODOX: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Rabid God” Video From Spanish Avant-Doom Metal Cult; Proceed LP Nears June Release Through Alone Records

photos by Ana Cáceres

As Spanish avant-garde doom metal trio ORTHODOX prepares to release their crushing Proceed LP through Alone Records in the weeks ahead, the band presents a psychedelic video for the new single, “Rabid God,” premiered exclusively through Decibel Magazine.

Since 2014, ORTHODOX has operated as a duo, with bassist/vocalist Marco Serrato and drummer Borja Díaz handling all recording and live performances. However, Proceed sees the return of guitarist Ricardo Jiménez to the lineup for the first time since 2011’s Baal. To capture this mammoth album, in November 2021, Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, High On Fire, Om, Neurosis, EyeHateGod) was flown to La Mina Studios in Sevilla, Spain, and recorded the album with assistant engineers Raúl Pérez and Nacho García. Anderson mixed the record at his Everything Hz back in Portland, Oregon, after which it was sent to Justin Weiss at Trakworx in San Francisco, California for mastering. Proceed was completed with artwork and illustrations by Fernando Rivas and layout/design by José Postigo.

Proceed represents ORTHODOX‘s return to its original essence, but also a step forward as a band. After a multitude of different projects around the band and a long way traveled, they are back to reel off heavy riffs like a three-headed juggernaut.

The new single advancing the release of Proceed, “Rabid God” arrives in the form of a psychotropic video created by Gure Hitzak Visuals. Marco Serrato reveals, “Borja and I allowed ourselves to try everything we wanted while we worked as a duo. So, with Ricardo back in the band, we wanted to give him a lot of room to contribute as much of his ideas as possible. ‘Rabid God’ is one of his many contributions for this album. He created this intricate puzzle based on that simple riff. We arranged the whole thing at the rehearsal room with a great job by Borja on drums, who like so many other times plays as ‘lead drums.’ Then I took care of the voice and lyrics. But it was Billy Anderson who put the magic touch to it. It is one of the songs where Billy’s contribution is most palpable. Not only during the recording but his ideas for the mix gave the song an extra dimension. We are really satisfied with it.”

Decibel writes, “Spanish avant-garde doom/drone experimentalists ORTHODOX are stoked to be back to their original lineup and share the latest track from their new album Proceed, ‘Rabid God,’ along with this trippy visualizer. So, kick back; Take a smoke break, and get on the level. The track blends classic doomy influences and 90s psychedelia into something unique and heavy, perfect for early summer jamming.”

Watch the new ORTHODOX video for “Rabid God” first only at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Alone Records will release Proceed on LP in two variants limited to 500 copies as well as digipak CD and digital formats on June 30th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp where the prior single “Past Seers” is also streaming HERE.

Stand by for additional audio previews, live announcements, and more to post over the weeks ahead.

ORTHODOX was born as a trio in Seville, Spain at the end of 2004. Starting from doom metal and absorbing influences from drone, jazz, and extreme metal, the band represents one of the most relevant but unpredictable bands of the Spanish metal underground. After breaking through the international underground with their Gran Poder debut LP in 2006, ORTHODOX has released another six studio albums, multiple EPs, splits, singles, and more, released through respected labels like Southern Lord, Utech Records, God Unknown, and long-running allies, Alone Records. The band has performed at international festivals such as Hellfest, Roadburn, Supersonic, Amplifest, Primavera Sound, and many others, has collaborated with artists as diverse as Julian Cope and flamenco dancer Israel Galván, and has opened for Voïvod, High On Fire, Corrosion Of Conformity, and countless more.