ORPHAN DONOR: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Planks” From Secret Cutter Drummer’s Solo Project; Old Patterns Full-Length Nears March Release

[photo by Black Dunes Photography]

BrooklynVegan is hosting an exclusive advance stream of “Planks,” the new single from Allentown, Pennsylvania-based ORPHAN DONOR – the solo project of Secret Cutter drummer Jared Stimpfl. The song is the latest preview from the outfit’s impending Old Patterns full-length, nearing release in mid-March.

Reminiscent of early-2000s screamo and metalcore, ORPHAN DONOR‘s sound is fueled on influence from PG99, As The Sun Sets, Jerome’s Dream, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Examination Of The…, Orchid, and even Deftones. Old Patterns makes use of the dark, melodic, and dissonant melodies that give an eerie sense of an emotional breakdown of rational reality. Grinding, fierce drums pave the way to the riffs that serve as a metronome for the stream of consciousness that is laid out on the drums. Perfectly placed and chilling vocals fill out the chaos.

With the album’s vocals provided by Chris Pandolofo of Clouds Collide, every other instrument on Old Patterns was played, recorded, and mixed by Stimpfl in his home studio, Captured Recording Studios. The material was mastered by Ryan Haft and completed with artwork by James Revelle, who is also responsible for the creation of the video assets for the album.

“It reminded me of Deadguy. And I love Deadguy, “Stimpfl offers. “It’s mostly about becoming an individual piece of wood amongst your friends, who are also planks of wood. Don’t do Salvia kids.”

Writes BrooklynVegan, “ORPHAN DONOR is another project of Secret Cutter drummer Jared Stimpfl, and compared to Secret Cutter’s sludge/grind sound, ORPHAN DONOR pulls more from ’90s/early ’00s screamo and metalcore and does a lot of justice to that sound.”

Stream ORPHAN DONOR “Planks” early only at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Old Patterns will see release on all digital platforms on Friday the 13th of March; find preorders at Bandcamp where “Pole Disdain” is streaming HERE. Zegema Beach Records is also now confirmed for a cassette run of Old Patterns.

Watch for additional audio samples, videos, and more to be issued in the weeks ahead.

Having recorded the likes of Jesus Piece, Ultramantis Black, Tile, Hell To Pay, Cassilis, and his own material – both Secret Cutter and ORPHAN DONOR – Stimpfl has honed his craft and opened his drumming and studio to other bands and artists to collaborate, lay drum tracks for, and offer recording, mixing and mastering services. “All I need is a scratch track to a click and I can send mixed or unmixed individual tracks, or stereo stem.” Stimpfl recently finished up a project called Hackpeter and is currently working with various other acts. See more on Captured Recording Studios RIGHT HERE.